New Episode of Banter Blender is Up!

Sorry folks, I really do want to get these episodes up more regularly again, but I’m happy to report we’ve made up for lost time with this latest installment of The Banter Blender. We touch on all the important stuff: reality stars downstairs, Lamar Odom, oversized sandwiches, Adele, my new board game, and candy. Lots of talk about candy. We get into it, people. Come listen, and if you like it, share it with your friends!

Special guests Angie Thomas and David Clark, co-hosts of the Deep Thots podcast!

VIDEO: Carly Rae Jepsen Before She Invaded Your Head

If you’re like me, you’re utterly obsessed with Carly Rae Jepsen’s song, “Call Me Maybe,” and while I am a thirty-three year old male, I’m not saying that I’ve spent countless hours singing the song at full blast in my car (I have), but I do quite enjoy the ditty a bunch.

Well, there’s great news for anyone in LA who isn’t shipping off to Coachella this weekend. Carly is giving a free (FREE!) concert at Universal Citywalk tomorrow night (show starts at 8), and while it may be odd for me to go (again, note my age and gender), I can’t deny that I’m very tempted to head that way. While I contemplate such a move, check out the video above of Carly when she was just a young babe in the woods, or rather, a wannabe on Canadian Idol.


5 Best ‘Call Me Maybe’ Tributes

Since Los Angeles Top-40 radio stations are perennially six weeks behind the rest of the country, I’m only now discovering the pure joy of a pop confection known simply as “Call Me Maybe.” The song, which is in iTunes’ top ten (and notably #74 on KIIS-FM Los Angeles’s playlist), might be described by the casual observer as “vapid” or “ridiculous.” But to me, I call it nothing short of SHEER GENIUS.

Sure, Carly Rae Jepsen’s mere name might make you want to go running for the hills, and sure she might be the protege of The Biebs, but don’t let this pseudo-Michelle Trachtenberg scare you. The only thing you should fear is the song’s hook taking up permanent residence in your head for the next several weeks.

Nevertheless, after the jump, check out five surprisingly fun and charming tributes to “Call Me Maybe,” including one co-starring Justin Bieber himself!

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