The Inevitable Rue McClanahan Cat Video

It’s shocking the above clip has not gone viral. After all, it combines three of the Internet’s favorite memes: cats, ’80s footage, and The Golden Girls. In other words, it’s a cat video starring Rue McClanahan. If you haven’t already fainted in anticipation, I can assure you that it’s just as bizarre as you can imagine, particularly when Rue steps into a room swarming with hyper kitties.

God bless the Internet.

RIP Blanche.

Update: A weird remix of the clip called Rue McClanahan Cat Party went mildly viral, but it’s not as funny as just the highlights above with no meddling.

VIDEO: Cat Bullies Rival

Since I’ve already posted like twenty cat videos this week, why not do another one? Here’s an amusing clip of one cat bullying another. It’s all rather rude, if you ask me.

Perhaps not as funny as the previous videos this week, but an entertaining video to pass the afternoon.

Thanks to Caty for the heads up!