AND WHATNOT: Not A Banner Day For Asian Sensitivity; Also, Zac Efron, Simon Curtis, and Cupcakes


Starcasm: Gilbert Gottfried fired by Aflac for Tsunami jokes on Twitter
The Daily What: Worst Person Ever of the Day (thanks indirectly to jash)… which leads to:
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Best Week Ever: Celebrity Apprentice Gives Us The 5 Most Disturbing Images To Ever Air On TV



It just gets better. Celebrity Apprentice continues to be absolutely, unequivocally amazing. The second episode brought oodles of friction to the women’s team as the rift between Lisa and Star Jones full-on fissured into a great divide. Throw in a dash of egoism, courtesy of Dionne Warwick (not to mention some cheery ignorance about deaf people), and we had quite the clusterfuck on screen. Only one show could make Gary Busey dressed like an oversized child seem like an afterthought.

Brilliant, I tell you. BRILLIANT. Continue reading

AND WHATNOT: Free Cupcakes in LA Tomorrow! Also, Tom Colicchio and Dartmouth Are THE BEST

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