Chris Brown May Have An Anger Problem

In case you haven’t heard, famously even-keeled Chris Brown trashed his dressing room at GMA this morning after host Robin Roberts asked him about that whole Rihanna “thing.” The singer clearly was not in any mood to discuss the assault on his then-girlfriend and told Roberts that it was all “in the past.” And what […]

Celebrities You Should Be Following On Twitter

So you’re at work, bored, waiting for me to post something new, right? Thankfully, Twitter offers endless fun, but who on Earth should you follow? WELL, for starters, you can follow me ( — help me get to 10,000 followers!! Or at least 3,000). But if you already follow me and want other (LESS GOOD) […]

Charlie Sheen Got Fired… But Why?

In case you didn’t hear, Charlie Sheen got dumped by Warner Bros. television yesterday (that might explain the vacant parking spot). It seems pretty obvious why the beleaguered actor lost his job (insert “duh, winning” joke here), but now we have some concrete details behind the termination. Turns out WB wasn’t just upset at Sheen’s […]

Soak in All of Charlie Sheen’s Craziness

The epic celebrity crazy-time meltdown is a beautiful thing to behold, and thankfully Charlie Sheen has been doing more than his fair share to keep us entertained for the past several weeks and months. Today, he took his game to a new level, appearing on both Today and Good Morning America to spout craziness about […]