BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: The Last BB Photocap of the Year (Sniff Sniff)


Well, another season of Big Brother is in the can. There was plenty of controversy to be had, but overall, I’d say this was the strongest showing in several years. We had great enemies in Amanda and Aaryn, decent heroes in Elissa and Howard, and plenty of stupid arguments involving wine, mattresses, and bathing suits. Honestly, who could want anything more?

After the jump, check out the last Big Brother photocap of the season. SADDDDD!!

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BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Once You Vote Black, You Never Go Back


Well, another week has come and gone in the Big Brother house, and Head of Household Aaryn has managed to live up to expectations: she dropped a few questionable bon mots (that whole “axed” thing with the Cheez-Its) and of course managed to put the two black people in the house on the block. Admittedly, I honestly don’t think that Candice and Howard were nominated due to racial bias (at least not overtly), but then again, when one looks at why Candice and Howard were forced together as a duo in the first place, the picture becomes murkier.

Yes, the summer of racism has certainly been an intriguing one, and joining Aaryn on the list of terrible people has been Amanda — a fan favorite just two weeks ago. Amanda has been leading a witch hunt against Howard that has at times seemed totally nonsensical. She’s clearly become the power player in the house (along with Helen), but unlike the latter lady, Amanda has shown a brash, brutish side — to the point where I think most of America probably didn’t mind when Spencer told her to simply SHUT THE HELL UP. Normally, we’d be crying “misogyny!” especially since Spencer is, you know, a misogynist, but it’s amazing what context will do for a guy. There’s something great about hearing a bully like Amanda being told to shut up (especially after SHE pulls the “You’re bullying me” card). Never mind that she’s been saying more and more racist and homophobic things on the live feeds these days.

Nevertheless, Spencer tried to help his buddy Howard by rallying troops against Amanda and McCrae, but as usual, he placed trust in the wrong people (seriously, everyone in The Moving Company is an idiot), and naturally Andy went and told Amanda that Spencer was trying to target her. When she later confronted him, Spencer lied and said Candice was his target, and of course Helen overheard this and told Candice. Unfortunately, Candice isn’t always the smartest player. Yes, she sniffed out The Moving Company, but she’s also halfway insane. Rather than consider the idea that Helen might be playing her, Candice stomped out in to the backyard and called out Spencer, one of her few allies. At that point, it was clear there’d be no saving poor Howard. Indeed, the racists finally won, and the meek muscleman was sent packing. Aw.

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BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Aaryn Learns To Always Bet On Black


I’m back after an ever-so-brief midweek hiatus. Big Brother continues to deliver the goods, with this week’s drama centering around a one-piece bathing suit and a not-so-secret Moving Company 2.0 alliance. Let’s talk about the latter. Spencer and Howard had the right idea to join forces with the outsiders in the household (ie. GinaMarie and Kaitlin). Why they thought Judd should be in that alliance, however, is beyond me. Sure enough, their dumb strategery led to their downfall as Judd happily blabbed about the new group to Helen et al. And that’s where things became really interesting.

Helen immediately shared this new information with Elissa and Amanda, insisting that the girls don’t say ANYTHING to ANYONE. Of course, when was the last time anyone ever followed that advice in the Big Brother house? Elissa, who can’t even keep her mouth shut about being MVP, immediately spilled the beans to Kaitlin, but this was no accident. She clearly wanted to give Kaitlin the edge so that Elissa’s arch-rival Aaryn would be more likely to go home. It’s this sort of selfish behavior and scheming that makes Big Brother amazing. And the carping at one-pieces is pretty fun too.

Photocap after the jump…

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BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Jeremy Finds Himself Low on the Totem Pole


The Moving Company continues to be one of the most epic Big Brother alliance failures of all time, perhaps supplanting The Four Horsemen (er, Santa Monica Van Boys?) for the title of Biggest Flop. This week saw the exit of The Moving Company’s most outspoken member, Jeremy, who was backdoored by Helen in a generally drama free ouster. I’m not sure why Jeremy and fellow nominee Aaryn didn’t attempt to sully Spencer’s reputation and get him thrown off the block — maybe they did, and it simply wasn’t shown on the episode. It seemed like a logical move. People already have trust issues with the guy, and it’s not like he’s some shining example of civility and good character. But then again, it may be asking too much for Aaryn and Jeremy to apply their collective braintrust to anything halfway strategic.

For now, Aaryn seems content to do damage control by making insincere remarks to house guests and then later demanded props for being so insincere. It’s a pretty fascinating study in how awful one person can truly be. Huzzah!

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The TV Clique is back to review week 4 in the Big Brother house. Pull up a chair and join us as we dissect everything from Aaryn’s racism to Jeremy’s tattoos. Oh yeah, and there’s talk of gameplay, MVPs, and all sorts of other good stuff. Get your fix here! Join the clique!

(We’re working to get the audio up on Soundcloud)

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Troubles for the Aaryn Nation


We’re only two evictions into season 15 of Big Brother, and already this shizz is off the CHAAAAY-UNNN. Sorry, I’ll never do that again. Seriously though — this show has been a blast this year. I can’t remember the last time I was racing to read the live feeds on Jokers Updates so voraciously or tuning in to Big Brother: After Dark. I am officially hooked. And I’m loving the direction everything is going in. But enough babble. Let’s get to the photocap!

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BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Shiny Surfaces, Devious Twists, and A Whole Lot Of Boobs


Big Brother 15 is off and running. It’s hard to believe, considering that CBS has traditionally premiered the show after July 4th. Nevertheless, I’m more than delighted to have Big Brother back, and so far, I’m digging the cast. With sixteen members, there’s more potential than ever for cattiness and fights, especially amongst the women who all seem to think they’re the hottest in the house. A disaster in the making…

In an effort to combat some of the sleepy gameplay we’ve seen in recent seasons, the producers have introduced a fascinating twist. Every week, America will vote on the Big Brother MVP — the person that we believe is playing the best game. The BBMVP will then be quietly informed of his or her status and be given the power to secretly nominate a third person to go up on the block. Of course, this twist leaves the door wide open for producer manipulation, but I’m not sure I care. Anything that gives these jokers a reason to scheme hard is a-ok by me.

On to the photocap!

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The TV Clique: Big Brother – Episode 01: Season 15 Premiere!

Language NSFW

Big Brother is back! A photocap of the season 15 premiere episode will be up later today, but in the meantime, check out the first episode of The TV Clique: Big Brother. It’s a new web show starring me and my Watch What Crappens co-hosts Ronnie Karam and Matt Whitfield. We’re hoping to establish an RSS feed in the coming week or two in order to make these shows available via the iTunes store in podcast form, but in the meantime, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

The TV Clique:

Hope you enjoy the show!

Let’s Make Superficial Judgments About The New ‘Big Brother 15’ Cast!


One of my personal traditions every year is to go through the bios of the new Big Brother contestants and form superficial judgments based on random details, physical appearance, and sometimes nothing at all. Well, CBS revealed the cast for this 15th (!!) iteration earlier this week, which means it’s time for me to get to work. After the jump, check out my flash impressions of the new cast based solely on their photos and bios (and not their videos, which I only watch after I finish the post)…

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VIDEO: Julie Chen Talks About The Chenbot (and ME!!! Sort of)

The thrill never grows old. Julie Chen recently talked to Larry King, host of Larry King Now on Hulu and Ora TV, about her nickname, The Chenbot, which we coined back in the TVgasm days. In the clip above, Julie references the infamous “but first” video that yours truly made in 2006 — one of the very first “supercuts” in the YouTube era. I’m not going to lie: I totally cheese out in the interview when Julie alludes to “this person” (because “this person” is MEEEEEEEEE).

Anyway, we love The Chenbot, and while I’m sorry that she took offense to the nickname at first, I hope she sees it came from a place of love and joy. And, if I may be so bold to assert this, by embracing The Chenbot persona, one might even say that Julie herself became MORE HUMAN.


Hi Julie!!!!!!