VIDEO: Women and Their Coffee – Will They EVER Learn?

If there’s one thing we know about women, it’s that they can’t brew a good cup of Joe. Amiright? At least that’s the conclusion one might reach when watching this supercut of coffee commercials from the 1950s. Boing Boing via The Daily What via IndianJones

Starbucks’ Secret Menu Revealed!

Just when you thought you knew your Starbucks inside and out, here comes a bombshell revelation: there’s a SECRET Starbucks menu. Dunh dunh DUNH. Much like the “secret menu” at In-N-Out, Starbucks has its own line of special coffee preparations, and now the Huffington Post has blown it wide open. Prepare yourself for the Green […]

Judging the Southwest Regional Barista Competition, or How I Learned To Live With Abdominal Cramping

Photo via LAist This past weekend I had the supreme joy of judging the Southwest Regional Barista Championship, which saw baristas from California, Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado descend on Hollywood all with the hopes of advancing on to the U.S. Championships. Some of you may have read my tortured account of getting certification for this event, […]