It’s a Stone Fruit Contest!

Calling all stone fruit fans: KCET has a groovy recipe contest going on now that could lead to one winner taking home a bountiful prize. All one must do is submit a recipe involving plums, apricots, or pluots. Use one ingredient. Use all three. It’s up to you. Winners receive a basket of tasty items, including flavored almonds, a t-shirt (less tasty, more practical), balsamic BBQ sauce, olives, fresh pasta, tapenade, sun-dried tomato pesto, and sun-dried tomatoes!

If you imagine yourself to be something of a Professor Plum (nyuk nyuk nyuk), be sure to mosey over to KCET and submit your entry. Deadline is 3PM on Friday.

It’s Another Cash Cab Giveaway!


Need an extra $50 in your pocket? Well today is your lucky day! [insert circus music and confetti] We’re having another Cash Cab giveaway here at B-Side Blog, and the lucky winner will receive a $50 Visa Cash Card. The rules are simple. Leave a comment, and then I’ll draw a name at random. It should be marvelously exciting.

Now, if you don’t know what Cash Cab is, here’s the official company line:

Discovery’s Emmy winning hit Cash Cab is now airing 5 days a week!

The funniest game show on TV, Cash Cab combines elements of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Family Feud and Candid Camera as taxi driver/comedian Ben Bailey picks up unsuspecting people hailing a cab and gives them a chance to win thousands. To find out where Cash Cab is playing in your area, visit

Okay people, get commenting!

OXO Food Scale Winner Revealed!


Last week, I challenged readers to guess the weight of an empty Bud Light 12-pack, with the closest guess winning a free OXO food scale (a great prize which I’ve already used many times since the company kindly sent me a complimentary one to review).

Anyway, the submissions have been entered, and now I’m ready to reveal the results. Is everyone ready?

Weigh-in after the jump…

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Win an OXO Food Scale!!


The wonderful people at OXO were kind enough to send me a complimentary food scale to try out, and I can already tell you that I love it. Compared to my old scale (a rickety, plastic thing that did the job, but was difficult to read), this new electronic one is a breeze. The display is large and very readable, and the best part of all — it detaches from the scale. Yes, the display actually can pull out from the scale, which means that if you’re weighing large things (big bowls, boxes), you don’t have to pull that annoying move where you crouch down and peer under the object. You know what I’m talking about. Next thing you know, you’re all “Is that a 1 or a 7?” Well, with a pull-out display, the numbers are in the open and easy to decipher. Huzzah!

Now, as useful as this scale can be in the kitchen, it’s perhaps even more useful when it comes to mailing things. I recently sent off a box to my brother, and the food scale allowed me to weigh it here at home, which in turn meant I could print out the postage online, and skip the entire post office in general (a.k.a. twenty minutes of waiting in line behind a surly woman named Anushka who most certainly would haggle about postage for sending candelabras to the Ukraine). For that alone, I am grateful.

Okay, now here’s the fun part. You can win a food scale of your own from OXO! Details after the jump… Continue reading

Cash Cab Winner Revealed!

Hi all!

About ten days ago, I posted a contest where one lucky winner chosen at random would receive $50 and other assorted goodies, courtesy of Cash Cab. I was going to announce the results on Banter with Ben and Lisa, but then Whitney Houston died, and the world as we know it changed. Actually, it’s more like Lisa and I weren’t able to coordinate our schedules to do another podcast, and now I’m on a flight to Paris (oui oui!). So rather than draw this out another two weeks, I’ve decided to announce the winner here.

Results after the jump…

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Win A $50 ‘Cash Cab’ Prize AND a Board Game!


This is not spam! Discovery’s Emmy winning hit Cash Cab is now airing 5 days a week, and to help get the word out, we’re giving away a $50 Visa Cash Card and the Cash Cab board game (a $20 value).

All you have to do is leave a comment below, and then on Monday, February 13, I will randomly pick a winner by pulling a number out of a hat. The winner will be announced on the next episode of Banter with Ben and Lisa! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

For those of you who don’t know, Cash Cab combines elements of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Family Feud and Candid Camera as taxi driver/comedian Ben Bailey picks up unsuspecting people hailing a cab and gives them a chance to win thousands. To find out where Cash Cab is playing in your area, visit

Good luck!

Update: The winner will be announced on the NEXT episode (#31) of “Banter with Ben and Lisa” because we just recorded a last-minute podcast today to talk about Whitney Houston. Don’t listen to it expecting to hear the winner announced… (But do please listen!)

ADVENTURES IN DOMESTICITY: Entenmann’s Cake Challenge Results!


Last month, I challenged readers to submit their favorite cake recipes in the hopes of winning a brand new copy of Entenmann’s Big Book of Baking, courtesy of — you guessed it — Entenmann’s. Well, I’m happy to announce that I’ve since decided upon two finalists, baked up the recipes, and shared the end products with an esteemed panel of judges. The winner — and pictures of the baking process — after the jump…

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Cookie Battle 2012: The Results!


Last month, I implored readers to submit their favorite cookie recipes in the hopes of winning a Good Cookie spatula from OXO. Well, I since narrowed the field down to two contenders, baked them off, and shared them with friends. The winner was unanimous.

So who are our finalists? In one corner we have Alyssa and her Salted Oatmeal White Chocolate Cookies. In the other corner Tanya with her Brandied Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yes, two cookies with white chocolate chips — kind of shocking. There were some other fascinating entries, but they had to be DQ’d for being bars, not cookies. Read the directions, people! (There was also an intriguing cookie sweetened with banana that I wanted to try, but the ingredients — almond meal, coconut oil — would have cost $17, which is entirely way too much for cookies, especially because I don’t know what else I’d do with almond meal and coconut oil).

Anyway, after the jump, check out pics of the cookies and learn who the winner will be!

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CONTEST: Win A ‘Good Cookie’ Spatula from OXO!


The good people at OXO have provided me with a complimentary spatula — specifically, their limited-edition “Good Cookie” spatula, which has a wonderful story behind it. The humble (and stylish) kitchen utensil is tied to OXO’s Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, a public charity founded by two OXO employees, Gretchen and Larry Witt, whose son Liam faced a battle with pediatric cancer. The company rallied around the Witts, and through baking cookies and holding bake sales, OXO has raised over $150,000 for the charity.

Now with the “Good Cookie” Spatula comes another fundraising drive. 50% of profits from the spatula will benefit pediatric cancer awareness, up to $100,000. At $6.99, it’s a great way to help out. The “Good Cookie” spatula is available at Bed, Bath & Beyond,, and various other local retailers (check out for more info).

BUT WAIT. This is a contest after all, and OXO has not only provided me with a “Good Cookie” spatula, but they’ve provided one for YOU too — assuming you win the contest. The rules are simple: submit the best cookie recipe ever in the comments. The winner, as chosen by me, receives a free “Good Cookie” spatula, courtesy of OXO.

PROTIP: know your judge. I hate berries (except for cranberries) and peaches. If you include those in your cookie, I can guarantee I won’t even consider it. Also, I love chocolate. I’m open to non-chocolate cookies, but… the presence of chocolate will certainly give you an advantage. You have until noon on Friday, December 16th.

Good luck!

Win Some Awesome Prize Packs from ‘Burn Notice’ and ‘Covert Affairs!’


If you’re a USA fan, you should know that Cover Affairs returns tomorrow and Burn Notice comes back on Thursday (both at 10 PM). To celebrate these shows of international intrigue, B-Side Blog is giving away not one, but TWO mighty prize packs, both valued at $200 or more!

All you have to do is get ten of your friends to start following @bsideblog on Twitter (and stay following for at least a week). Make sure that they tweet your handle at me so I know who’s responsible for whom.

First person to successfully do this wins the prize pack of their choice. The second person to achieve this mighty feat will take home whichever prize pack the first person doesn’t choose.

Ah, but there’s a twist: get fifty people to follow me, and you get to take BOTH prize packs! Fun!

And what, pray tell, will you win? Details after the jump…

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