THINGS I ATE: Corn Dogs and Cookies at Disney!

Over the weekend, my friend Nic treated me to an afternoon at Disneyland, an experience teeming with thrills and adventure — and that was before we even stepped on a single ride, thanks to the exhilarating people-watching. The populations roaming about were thoroughly fascinating, and our new guessing game (“Valley, Inland Empire, or Orange County?”) […]

Cookie Battle 2012: The Results!

Last month, I implored readers to submit their favorite cookie recipes in the hopes of winning a Good Cookie spatula from OXO. Well, I since narrowed the field down to two contenders, baked them off, and shared them with friends. The winner was unanimous. So who are our finalists? In one corner we have Alyssa […]

CONTEST: Win A ‘Good Cookie’ Spatula from OXO!

The good people at OXO have provided me with a complimentary spatula — specifically, their limited-edition “Good Cookie” spatula, which has a wonderful story behind it. The humble (and stylish) kitchen utensil is tied to OXO’s Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, a public charity founded by two OXO employees, Gretchen and Larry Witt, whose son Liam […]

Revisiting The Best Donut In Los Angeles; Also, A Cookie Backfire

Not too long ago, I made a bold proclamation. I labeled the glazed buttermilk donut at Tasty Donuts the BEST DONUT IN LOS ANGELES. I was met with resistance from many, especially those who suggested that I may have upset the entire food blogging community by not kowtowing to what is widely accepted as the […]