BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA: Episode 28 – Demi Moore and Jersey Shore

Greetings, listeners! Time for another episode of Banter with Ben and Lisa!. This week, we tackle the latest celebrity gossip, starting with Demi Moore’s mysterious drug overdose. We also talk about Brandi Glanville kissing and telling about Gerard Butler, Pat Sajak’s drunken tenure on “Wheel of Fortune” and Vinny’s departure from “Jersey Shore.” Plus, there’s […]

RACHEL ZOE PHOTOCAP: Oh. My. God. Rachel Zoe Is Back. Literally. LITERALLY. She is LITERALLY Back.

LITERALLY it’s that time of year again. LITERALLY. The Rachel Zoe Project is back, which means that for the next several weeks, I get the distinct pleasure of talking in Zoe-isms on this here blog. It’s kind of my favorite thing to do. The truth is that RZP is still one of the most — […]