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It’s not often that I get to preview a much-hyped bakery, and it’s also not often I get to complain about local busybody community residents, but I’m proud to announce that I’ll be doing both in this humble post. The setup is simple. My friend Jenny, a.k.a The Dessert Darling, emailed me full of excitement, perhaps stemming from a sugar high (she eats many cupcakes for her site), to alert me that the famed Magnolia Bakery was finally opening up a Los Angeles outpost this Friday. Did I want to join on opening day for a cupcake or two?

I’m not one to turn down cupcakes; so obviously, I said yes. We eventually agreed to meet this afternoon, and after braving through some intense midday traffic, no thanks to the ill-timed stoplights on Fairfax, I finally made my way to Magnolia. I was immediately shocked by the lack of customers. There always seems to be a secret Mommy newsletter that goes out every time a cupcake shop opens in Los Angeles, and as such, I just assumed there’d be lines (not to mention balloons) up the wazoo. There were none. All I found was an empty bakery with no one but Jenny.

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Revisiting The Best Donut In Los Angeles; Also, A Cookie Backfire


Not too long ago, I made a bold proclamation. I labeled the glazed buttermilk donut at Tasty Donuts the BEST DONUT IN LOS ANGELES. I was met with resistance from many, especially those who suggested that I may have upset the entire food blogging community by not kowtowing to what is widely accepted as the home of the best donuts in LA, Donut Man. Here’s the thing though: I’ve never been to Donut Man, and I’m not sure I want to drive 34.5 miles to try it (and by the way, the Glendora location is truly testing the geographic limits of claiming to be the best donuts in Los Angeles).

Nevertheless, all my raving about the glazed buttermilk donuts piqued the curiosity of my friend Jenny, whose tasty site Dessert Darling is devoted almost exclusively to — you guessed it — desserts. She immediately expressed interest in trying the much hyped donut, and soon we agreed on a joint tasting session. After a few false starts (it’s amazing how tricky it is to coordinate a simple donut date in LA), we finally met up. Jenny could test the donut for herself, and I could defend its honor, should I need to.

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