VIDEO: Game of Fetch Turns Perplexing For Dog

Let’s face it: dog videos aren’t nearly as funny as cat videos. I don’t know why — maybe it has something to do with the fact that cats always seem to think they’ve figured everything out. Once in a while though there’s a pretty funny dog video that comes along. Case in point: the above […]

VIDEO: Cats vs. Dogs — Showdown of the Century!

When it comes to mortal enemies, very few can top the age-old feud between cats and dogs (New York vs. Boston does come close though). In the above video, the rivalry is born anew as one unflappable cat and one ballsy dog square off in the heart of Russia. Who will win? Watch and see… […]

Have You Ever Seen A More Shifty-Eyed Dog?

Some poor person has lost their dog, and by all means, I don’t mean to mock that (last time I did that, it turned out I was targeting the missing pooch of Alessandra Ambrosio). However, I must call attention to this “Lost” sign. I don’t think I have ever — outside of a cartoon — […]