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Betty White Joins Troy and Abed on ‘Community’

Some might argue that Betty White is over-exposed, and truth is… they’re right. But I still love the lady, and while last night’s season premiere of Community wasn’t perhaps as amazing as I had hyped it up to be in my head, I did particularly enjoy Betty’s bit with Troy and Abed over the closing credits. If you missed it, take a look at the clip above, and if you want to learn more about last night’s episode, check out this very cool interview where show creator Dan Harmon explains all his pop culture references from the premiere:

Vulture: Community Creator Dan Harmon Explains the Genesis of Every Reference on Last Night’s Episode

B-Side Blog Goes On A Virtual Tour Of The ‘Community’ Set


Readers of this site know that I truly love Community (season two premieres on Thursday, and season one DVD is out today!!), and so I was more than excited to go on a virtual tour of the set today via the magic of the Interwebs. Shot at Paramount Studios (which I can clearly see out my window), I could have just as easily gone to the set in person, but as show creator Dan Harmon said on the tour, they were very excited about new fun ways to NOT see the media in person, and I can’t blame him. I hadn’t even showered by the time the tour started.

Anyway, it was geeky fun watching as Ken Jeong led the tour through the set, and while I couldn’t really communicate with him or the cast, I did enjoy the grainy insider view of Greendale College.

Screen grabs after the jump…

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