Ep. 02, Banter With Ben & Lisa


Well, once again, Lisa Timmons and I convened for our second podcast where we once again wiled away the time bantering about everything and nothing all at once.  Our energy was a little low this week thanks to early onset sniffles from me and mid-week blahs from her, but nevertheless, we still had plenty of fun gabbing away.

On this episode, the two of us talk about my chocolate tartlets and their inauspicious appearance at the Eat My Blog charity bake sale.  Also, we chatter about Lady Gaga, earthquakes, and Lisa’s first ever triathlon practice.  And as usual, we utterly fail to stay on topic for longer than thirty seconds at a time.  But that’s our charm, right?  Right?

ADVENTURES IN DOMESTICITY: Charity Chocolate Tartlets Edition


Back in December, my friends Cathy from the site gas•tron•o•my and Diana from Diana Takes A Bite organized a charity bake sale called “Eat My Blog,” in which local Los Angeles bloggers and businesses offered up tasty morsels to support the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank. The event raised several thousand dollars and was such a success that Cathy and Diana decided to do it again. The only question remaining for me was what to make. Last time, I made an inordinate amount of blondies, which was fun, but I wanted to switch it up. And then I realized what I’d do: I’d revisit the original Adventure In Domesticity. I would make chocolate tartlets! Not only would they be tasty, but it would be a perfect opportunity to review my new muffin tin from CSN Stores.

Information about the bake sale and pics of the tartlets after the jump…

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