How I Survived Zico’s “Banging Body Bootcamp”

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I am not known generally as a “morning person,” unless, of course, being a morning person means being irritable, slow, and angry at said morning. That’s why when I was invited to a bootcamp this morning at 8 AM, sponsored by ZICO chilled juices, I was like hellllll no. Why on Earth would I voluntarily wake up at 7:30 AM only to have my ass kicked?

But then I saw that there’d be massages and manis afterwards, and suddenly, my outlook changed. Needless to say, I soon found myself bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on the rooftop of the Montalban Theater in Hollywood, slurping down ZICO smoothies and booty-shaking to celebrity trainer Jennifer “JJ Dancer” Johnson’s aggressive routines. Somehow, I survived. I apologize in advance to the janitorial crew that later had to mop up my puddle of sweat.

Anyway, it was all super fun, and for once I was doing something healthy instead of stuffing my face with food. Pics of this extravaganza after the jump…

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BANTER BLENDER #93: Tinder, World Cup, Personal Trainers, Summer Movies; Special Guest Marcos Luevanos

Writer Marcos Luevanos joins Ben Mandelker ( to banter about all things pop culture. Going into the Banter Blender this week: Tinder behavior, the World Cup, personal training quandaries, summer movies, and just a dash of Big Brother. It’s lots of fun — come listen!

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BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA: Episode 22 – Talking About Mariah, Redickulous, and Brownies

Lisa and I are back with another podcast! We recorded this one on Friday while eating ice cream, and admittedly, we’re a little hyper after having stuffed ourselves with Indian food just prior. Normally that would be cause to enter food coma, but we just became more bonkers.

The two of us actually recorded two episodes back to back, but the first one’s audio file became corrupted (morally, Faye Resnick style) and so it had to be trashed. Therefore, when you listen to this episode and hear us mention how we previously talked about Indian food and Mariah Carey on the previous podcast, just know that these are references to a sadly expunged recording.

Sounds From The Gym


I believe Adam Sandler used to have an old routine about the similarities between gym grunting and sex, and never was that more true than on a recent trip I took to the gym. The man next to me on the pull-down bar seemed to be having a positively orgasmic experience with his hefty ten pound weight. Every time he tugged down the bar, he let out a disturbing moan, and it got so out of hand that I was forced to take necessary measures: secretly record his voice.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get too close to this older gentleman without arousing suspicion (nothing like shoving an iPhone into someone’s face to tip them off), and as a result, the audio is not the clearest possible. However, the moans are definitely there, and they most certainly reach a climax of sorts. Listen for yourself after the jump… Continue reading