Random Lisa VanderPump Mingling of the Day


Over the weekend, I was invited to the GLAAD Hancock Park: Top Chef Invasion event here in Los Angeles, which featured several Top Chef alums as well as notable local chefs (Kerry Simon, Susan Feniger, e.g.). However, the real draw for me was Real Housewife Lisa VanderPump, who continues to be my favorite cast member of the venerable Bravo series. Yes, I’m slightly obsessed.

Anyway, after the jump are random pics from the event… Continue reading

PHOTOS: B-Side Blog Tangles With Bravo Celebrities at Red Carpet Event


My head is about to explode. I just met way too many Bravo celebrities for my system to handle.

Tonight, as we speak, Bravo is holding a party just down the street at the Roosevelt Hotel for its various stars and luminaries. The event has been billed as both an “Upfronts presentation” and a season finale bash for Top Chef. Whatever it was, there were many Bravo faces there, and when I got the invite to cover the red carpet, I was only too happy to sign up. This was actually quite momentous for me as I’d never done a red carpet before. I tell people that I like to be IN the party, not behind the press lines, but let’s be honest: the real reason I’d never done a red carpet is that I’m often too lazy to go fight may way past other bloggers and reporters (and then later transcribe whatever drivel I’ve captured on film).

Still, even though I’m generally loathe to go to cover a red carpet, there were just too many Housewives and Top Chef stars to ignore. Plus, this was all going on just feet from my pad. How could I say no? And so with my handy camera, I headed to the event and took many pictures and videos. The videos probably won’t go up until tomorrow. But for now, we have plenty of pics… Continue reading