CBS Reporter Has Epic Flub At GRAMMYS

We’ve seen flubs on the news for years and years, but I don’t remember seeing something as bizarre as what happened to CBS 2’s Serene Branson, who seemed to lose her ability to speak English — or any language really — for no apparent reason. The reporter, who was live on the air, appeared to be speaking in tongues as her words devolved into strange syllables and sounds that were more or less the equivalent of me suddenly mashing my keyboard. Sensing that she was being totally incoherent, Serene’s poor face fell, and she attempted to say “Let’s go to the tape,” but what came out was more gibberish. Clearly her inner CPU had short-circuited. It was like Bruce Almighty come to life.

I think this would be a lot funnier if a part of me wasn’t somewhat concerned that she may have some neurological condition. Then again, maybe I’ve just watched too much House, M.D.

Thanks to @samcart for the heads up!