THINGS I ATE: Steak Frites at L’Assiette

A few weeks ago, Los Angeles endured a brutal heat wave with temperatures reaching 100 degrees or more. It was the sort of weather that left me listless and sweating; although, to be fair, most temperatures leave me listless and sweating. When the heat goes up, most people gravitate towards light fare — salads, cold soups, […]

Keeping It Cute at Mignon

The Downtown Los Angeles renaissance continues (minus the occasional corpse found in a water tower), and nowhere is that more apparent than at the corner of 6th and Main where a variety of bars and restaurants have sprung up over the years. Between Artisan House, Cole’s, The Varnish, The Association, Las Perlas, and the new […]

Papilles Brings French Bistro Fun To Hollywood

I’ve long complained that Los Angeles lacks two significant dining scenes: seafood and French. I’m not going to get into my seafood bitching here (the long and the short of it is that for a city perched on the ocean, we have very few options — both in terms of dining and buying), but I […]

Bastille Day? More Like Bast-DEAL Day!

Bonjour, mes amis! Today is Bastille Day, which means it’s your duty to grab a beret and mime your way over to the nearest quiche or croque monsieur. Failing that, you can go to L’Épicerie in Culver City and enjoy French cocktails and small plates for $4 a pop. Ce n’est pas mauvais! I’m not […]

Watch Bradley Cooper Speak French Fluently

At last Bradley Cooper francophone fans finally have the viral video they’ve been waiting for. The Hangover II star recently appeared on a French talk show to promote his film, and he did so by speaking fluent French the entire time. Women, prepare to swoon (assuming you get turned on by kiiiiinda arrogant actors speaking […]