Thanks For The Memories, Friendster


Back in 2003, the Internet changed irreversibly, thanks to a funky new website called Friendster. It wasn’t the first social network, but it certainly was the first to achieve significant clout. For a while, it was the only game in town… until MySpace showed up and let people curse, post nudie pictures (yes, you could do that in the beginning), and design their own layouts. By the time Facebook emerged, Friendster was already going the way of the dodo.

Somehow the site has managed to hang in there thanks to a strong user base in Southeast Asia, but most everyone here in the U.S. has abandoned ship. It’s been a long, sad decline for the once buzz-worthy network, and earlier this Spring, news came that Friendster was going to massively overhaul itself. Goodbye social networking, hello gaming. Yes, yesterday was to be the last day our old Friendster profiles would exist as we know them (the deadline has since been extended). Soon, Friendster will erase all photos, messages, testimonials, and other fun, dusty stuff from our profiles, but fear not — account information and friend lists will remain intact.

With the end of days arriving for Friendster, I decided to poke around my profile to see if there was anything worth saving. What I found was an amusing time capsule of messages, including one from a pre-fame celebrity. Who knew?

Join me as we take a brief tour of my Friendster world…

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