VIDEO: College Student Debunks Rick Santorum To His Face

There’s nothing better than watching an idiot politician get taken down by a humble student. In this case, we have Rick Santorum, who thinks society will fall into decay with the acceptance of gay marriage. He rants that he’s yet to hear a evidence to the contrary… which is where one plucky student chimes in and provides it, courtesy of a study by the American Psychological Association. Santorum then soundly rejects said evidence, saying that the APA is a biased group only willing to listen to evidence that supports its own theses. Hmmmm…. sounds familiar?

Entertaining and bloody-boiling all at once. Yay!

AND WHATNOT: Best ‘Big Brother’ Moments; Also, The Best Bartenders, The Worst New TV Show, and The Luckiest Pats Fan


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ESPN: Chad Ochocinco to stay with a fan
Eater LA: Bravo confirmed today that Top Chef season nine is happening in Texas

The Best and Worst ‘Big Brother’ Gays


Watching Lawon squeal and sputter his way through the Big Brother house this season in his wide-lapelled, patchwork blazers, it got me to thinking that he may be one of the very worst gays this fine series has ever cast. Further reflection made me realize that Big Brother has a checkered history when it comes to the gays, often casting shrill variations on the Lawon prototype. The lack of gay diversity is particularly surprising given how popular the program is with the community. Furthermore, if Lawon represents the worst, who could possibly be the best? And that’s when I got to thinking that maybe it was time for a list.

After the jump, a comprehensive look at all the Big Brother gays, from worst to best (excluding season one because who cares about that?).

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AND WHATNOT: The Best Viral Video of the Day, Courtesy of Joel McHale and Melissa McCarthy

WIRED: The Worst Gear
Yahoo! News: News of the World staff mocks Rebekah Brooks in final crossword clues
New York Post: Drunk man who trashed Letterman’s theater has no recollection of incident
Spiegel Online: Deadly Spider Shuts Down German Supermarket (thanks Malibu Judie!)
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The Awl: How To Split A Check At A Restaurant

‘The Fabulous Beekman Boys’ (NOT Brothers) Are Back


Like farming? Like gays? Like gays farming? Well, this show is for you. When World of Wonder sent me this video for the upcoming second season of The Fabulous Beekman Boys, I was skeptical. But then there was a fussy llama. And then there was a guy crying over his goats (some of whose names are Doreen and Sparkle). Chuckles ensued.

Check out this preview of the Planet Green show, which is apparently already ramping up for a second season. Who knew?

YEA OR NAY: Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’

After oodles of hype this week, Lady Gaga finally “dropped” her new, much-anticipated single, “Born This Way” today, and I gotta say… it makes me cringe.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s catchy. But seriously… the lyrics, while admirable in their anthemic aspirations, are just ham-fisted. It’s like my seventh grade self (the same self who thought Jonathan Livingston Seagull was a delicate musing on life and empowerment) wrote the song. Gone are Gaga’s clever playfulness and cheeky humor. In their place is a silly, borderline preachiness and a musical arrangement that sounds like the opening credits to some failed Logo reality show.

I’m not in the grips of some Lady Gaga backlash nor am I pushing back on the inordinate hype surrounding this single. I think she’s amazingly talented, but she may have pushed a little too hard on this track.

What do you think about it? Yea or neigh?

AND THE OSCAR GOES TO: Survivor’s Fabio Stars in Homoerotic Thriller

A lot of reality stars advance to sex tapes and porn after their initial runs are over, but I’m proud to report that Fabio (née Judd) from Survivor: Nicaragua is moving on to something a bit more artistic: a much sought-after role in a low-budget homoerotic thriller. The film’s title is 1313: Nighmare Mansion, which I believe is a rather awful name for an estate, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s hard to tell what exactly this fine piece of work is about, but from what I can tell, it involves a bunch of pretty boys whose clothes magically disappear, thus the seminal line, “Where did my clothes go?” Along the way, they turn a little psycho (viz. Fabio licking then wielding a rather fake-looking knife) and then, naturally, homoerotic. The whole thing looks like it was shot over the course of one day, and clearly the filmmakers saved money by eschewing the use of proper sound equipment (not to mention a wardrobe department). I’m not sure if this is safe for work or not — it depends on how comfortable you feel having a bunch of dudes running around like they’re in a twisted Calvin Klein commercial — but it’s certainly entertaining.

Via Reality Blurred

QUICK HIT: Is Whitney Port The Girl With No Gaydar?


We love young romance, and we also love Whitney Port. That being said, we also love gay speculation, and it seems like all three of these things have been bundled up into an egg roll of intrigue that has left us asking “Is Whitney dating a gay dude?” A gallery of Whit-Whit with her new man, Ben Nemtin, has the gossip wags sharpening their knives. Exhibits A through Z can be found here:

Socialite Life: Whitney Port Is Dating A Gay Man

Does This Banana Republic Model Have A Blatant Erection?


My old friend jash noticed something peculiar on the Banana Republic website today. Turns out one of the male models has a full-on boner, and since this blog is nothing if not mature, I’m here to post about it and snicker. Of course, the image could simply be the product of unfortunate creasing; however, somewhere in the BR empire, there’s an artistic director who most certainly saw this photo and approved it. Is this pandering to Banana’s gay following? Or merely peen for peen’s sake? It’s hard to say (no pun intended).

After the jump, a second image that provides more compelling evidence of genital arousal.

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