BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA: Episode 28 – Demi Moore and Jersey Shore

Greetings, listeners! Time for another episode of Banter with Ben and Lisa!. This week, we tackle the latest celebrity gossip, starting with Demi Moore’s mysterious drug overdose. We also talk about Brandi Glanville kissing and telling about Gerard Butler, Pat Sajak’s drunken tenure on “Wheel of Fortune” and Vinny’s departure from “Jersey Shore.” Plus, there’s talk of the Super Bowl, “Haywire,” and much much more!

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The Spectacular Journey of Gerard Butler’s Abs


Back in the mid-aughts, Gerard Butler became the poster boy for ridiculous abs, thanks to his star-making role in the Grecian testosterone-fest, 300. It seemed like everyone wanted a midsection like his, spawning a minor exercise sensation with the “300 Workout.”

Well, since those glory days of 2006, Gerard Butler has enjoyed a donut or two. The actor famously put on a spare tire, which at once made him totally relatable and simultaneously a major disappointment.

Now, my friends, we have arrived at the third glorious incarnation of Gerard Butler’s belly, and the results are just as curious. Picture after the jump…

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