Who Will You Vote For On ‘Food Network Star?’

Well, the latest great season of Food Network Star is rapidly drawing to a close with viewers getting to select a winner on this upcoming Sunday’s show, and for the first time ever, I must admit that I truly like all the final contenders. If you haven’t watched last night’s episode, beware: spoilers ahead…

Meet The Next Food Network Stars!

It’s summer time, which means we’re already three episodes deep into one of my favorite reality shows ever, Food Network Star (née The Next Food Network Star). So far this seventh (!) season has been pretty excellent, but could we really expect anything less from something involving the inimitable Susie Fogelson? The cast is wide […]

ADVENTURES IN DOMESTICITY: Espresso Chocolate Caramel Bars

Once again, CSN Stores has furnished me with a lovely gift certificate on the condition that I review whatever purchases I make with it. This time around I nabbed four items: a hand blender, a candy thermometer, a cooking sheet, and a four-cup angled liquid measure. I decided I would test out the candy thermometer […]

Checking In On Our Food Network Stars

We’re just over halfway through yet another fun season of The Next Food Network Star, and with the finish line coming closer and our opinions of the contestants growing stronger, I thought I’d check in and share my thoughts about the remaining finalists. The good news is that of nearly all the people left standing, […]

What I Loved About The ‘Next Food Network Star’ Premiere

It’s certainly a good June for food TV fans. We’ve got Top Chef Masters wrapping up (sniff), Top Chef: DC gearing up, and now The Next Food Network Star amping up. Yes, the oft-overlooked but no less awesome Food Network series is back, and unlike those two other esteemed culinary competitions, this one features a […]