BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA #61: Catching Up On Old TV; Also, Celebrity Sightings, Blue Jasmine, and Pretzel Burgers

This week on “Banter with Ben and Lisa,” we catch up on some old TV by touching base on “Downton Abbey” and “Six Feet Under.” Then Lisa and Ben share a few noteworthy celebrity encounter stories before talking about “Blue Jasmine” and “The Conjuring.” Finally, Lisa expresses her love for pretzel buns and Ben sounds […]


Penny gets a kickball to the face in Kickball 2: The Kickening Great news Happy Endings fans. There was a secret “lost” episode from season two that aired in Europe but never here in the States. Why? I don’t know. But before you say “That SOOKS,” I have some AMAHZING news (let’s see how much […]

VIDEO: The Brad and Jane ‘Happy Endings’ Fight We’ve Been Waiting For

Have I made my love for Happy Endings apparent enough? If not, check out this preview clip for Wednesday’s episode, which features Brad and Jane devolving into an argument — an annual tradition called the “Spring Smackdown” that signals the imminent arrival of warm weather and flower blossoms (think Groundhog Day but with fewer rodents). […]

VIDEO: Watch The Best of Derrick from ‘Happy Endings’

Happy Endings is brand new tonight, and to help get you in the mood, check out this utterly hilarious montage of Derrick, the season one gay played with total brilliance by Emmy-deserving Stephen Guarino. If there’s any clip that might convert you to this awesome sitcom, it’s this one. DRAAAAAMA! Also, I’m totally behind on […]

An Amahzing Story

Happy Endings is the funniest sitcom on TV at the moment, and one of its most endearing characters is that of Penny Hartz, played by SNL alum Casey Wilson. Chief among Penny’s quirks is her penchant for saying “amalzing” instead of “amazing,” a nifty bit of slang that is routinely rejected by the other characters […]

‘Banter With Ben and Lisa’ is Back!

Very exciting news, everyone. After a summer hiatus, Banter with Ben and Lisa is back, and this time we’re looking spiffier than ever. Okay, the only major change is that we updated our logo. Well, that and the fact that the podcast is now part of the Sideshow Network where you’ll find other great content […]

‘Happy Endings’ Is My New Favorite Thing

People have been talking about Happy Endings for the past few months; so I decided to check it out last week to see what all the scuttlebutt was about. Turns out the sitcom, which airs on ABC after Modern Family is hilarious — as in, I laugh out loud multiple times an episode. Therefore, I […]