Is That An Eel In Your Penis Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

I believe the headline of the following link says it all, but in case you’re to lazy to glance downwards, let me explain. A man in China went to a spa where he submerged himself in a pool and let freshwater eels graze off his dead skin. The treatment is not unlike the fish pedicures […]

Watch Men Trying To Play Soccer With Binoculars Attached To Their Heads

This video may be over three years old, but it’s new to me! It features several Japanese men playing soccer with binoculars attached to their eyes. The end result is something that looks vaguely like a Monty Python outtake (and/or me in an aerobics class). I’m not gonna lie: I guffawed many times. Stripes FTW! […]

The Best Donut In Los Angeles?

Courtesy of Yelp I love to try new and unique restaurants and foods in Los Angeles, but rarely am I the only to discover them. Usually, I defer to the gaggle of food bloggers out here or the Los Angeles Times’ great column, “The Find.” It’s with a heavy heart that I must admit I […]