I haven’t recapped Celebrity Apprentice in three weeks, and I must say sorry to everyone because this show remains the best thing on TV right now. If I had to choose between a new episode of Mad Men or Celebrity Apprentice, I’m going with Celebrity Apprentice. (Make me choose between it and 30 Rock and then we’ve got a Sophie’s Choice going on). Anyway, what have we missed in the past few weeks. Ummmm…. everything? Dionne Warwick got fired and managed to exit in the typical Dionne way: a.k.a. grousing and bitching about someone else in her nasty old lady style.

The week after that, the celebs raised an astonishing amount of money to the tune of $1.6 million, which is practically unheard of for this show. Call these stars D-Listers, but this was some serious cash. In the middle of it all, Meat Loaf had an epic meltdown that will live on forever in YouTube infamy. We also lost Jose Canseco, which was too bad because I was really gearing up to see his prima dona behaviors get the full Trump treatment. Richard Hatch got fired too, which was inevitable but fine by me. He had provided great sparks in the beginning of the season but had become all but useless by the time he left.

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Inside Paper Magazine’s Beautiful People Party 2011


Paper Magazine held a party for its annual “Beautiful People” issue last night at the Standard in West Hollywood, and I was lucky enough to snag an invitation to the swanky event. Also attending were the lovely Phamtastic and Ashton, who have become two of my more reliable nightlife co-pilots in recent weeks. The three of us headed on out to the party in our most Beautiful People-y outfits, which in the case of me meant wearing a shirt missing three buttons. Thankfully, Phamtastic’s Asian roots meant that she could quickly and efficiently repair the situation, and while the people watching was highly enjoyable, it could barely hold a candle to the pure joy I had in watching Phamtastic toil with needle and thread on my shirt.

But I digress. The party was super fun, and there was a lovely smattering of low-level celebrities to keep it interesting. Plus, Keri Hilson performed. To quote Ina Garten: “How bad can THAT be?”

Pictures from the fête after the jump…

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Celebrity Apprentice continues to be the single best reality show on TV right now. Even though last night’s boardroom was a bit of a bust, the episode was thoroughly entertaining, with rifts and simmering tensions brewing in every corner. The challenge was simple. Actually, scratch that: it was rather murky. The teams had to outfit RVs with materials from Camping World, a company that specializes in camping (but not worlds). I wasn’t clear if the intent was to promote the RVs or the purchased items, and I wasn’t totally clear if the RVs were even something available for purchase from Camping World. Nevertheless, I knew that the teams had to ultimately impress the company’s CEO, and that’s all that really mattered. Continue reading



It did not disappoint. After several weeks of promos that promised to bring “crazy,” the fourth iteration of Celebrity Apprentice premiered last night, and it. was. amazing. This is what reality TV is all about: that combustible mix of people doing ridiculous things all for our enormous entertainment. After just fifteen minutes, I knew Celebrity Apprentice was going to be one of the very best shows of the year, and I have a hard time thinking it could possibly go anywhere but up. In many ways, eleven years of modern reality TV have led us to this very point: the brilliance that is Celebrity Apprentice. Continue reading