THINGS I ATE: Bites at Badmaash, Rattlesnake at Wurstküche

There’s not enough Indian food in Los Angeles. We have oodles of Korean restaurants (no complaints here), and there’s a Mexican spot on nearly every corner. Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese are also omnipresent, but alas, when it comes to Indian, our options are few and far between. My go-to place is Crown of India, located […]

Pico De Gallo vs. Cachumber: A Difference of 3 Ingredients, 9,100 Miles

Ever since I bought Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian Cooking in 2011, I’ve been babbling to whomever would listen (usually no one) about how similar Indian and Mexican cuisines are. Both use large amounts of tomatoes, cilantros, onions, chiles, garlic, and cumin. And yet, the flavors could not be more divergent. It makes sense, really: the countries […]

ADVENTURES IN DOMESTICITY: Indian Ground Beef with Mint Edition

I’ve been totally slacking on the blog lately; so why not put together an Adventure in Domesticity? This is yet another exciting foray into Indian Cooking by Madhur Jaffrey — one that was initially made because I had had no proteins in the kitchen except some ground beef. I had seen that there was an […]

ADVENTURES IN DOMESTICITY: Madhur Jaffrey’s Chicken in a Red Sweet Pepper Sauce Edition

Recently I’ve been craving Indian food for no good reason, and while I’m usually more than happy to simply pick up a hefty order from my favorite local spot (Crown of India — don’t mind the hookers in the parking lot), I’ve decided that this is a cuisine I’d really like to start cooking. I […]