The 10 Best End of Days Songs


There are like ten people out there who think tomorrow will be the end of the world — or rather, The Rapture — and while I’m skeptical, I’ve still taken five minutes to compile the ultimate End of Days playlist. After the jump, check out the the ten best songs for the apocalypse! Continue reading

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The Best ‘Rapture’ Music Video Of The Day

There’s no better rapture song than Blondie’s quintessential hit, “Rapture,” but when it comes to YouTube videos, I prefer my rapturing to be a bit more awkward and herky-jerky. Enter Nadia Ali and her dance hit “Rapture.” Nadia — who is something of a cross between Kim Kardashian and Teresa Giudice (with a dash of Nicole Scherzinger thrown in for good measure) — gyrates robotically through her video, thus earning her the title of “Stiffest Rapture Dancer of The Rapture.” I don’t know where Nadia will be when the Rapture hits, but I’m hoping it’s a dance lesson (ohhhhhh SNAAAP!!!!).

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