I may be an unabashed board game nerd these days, but it’s only because there are so many fun games out there. Truly — it’s a problem. An embarrassment of riches. Just when I think I can ebb the purchasing, another great one comes down the pike, the latest being Iki — a Japanese “game of Edo artisans.” Well, if that’s not a selling point, I don’t know what is.

I first learned about Iki during a particularly fruitful span of procrastination that had me exploring the depths of First, I came upon a glowing review of the game, and since it sounded interesting, I dug deeper until I found a playthrough on YouTube. After watching a few rounds of Iki, I went to the mirror and saw that I had giant hearts in my eyes. Oh dear. Time to make more room in my Ikea shelving system.

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RESTAURANTS ARE FUN: Takara and Sun Ha Jang


I’ve decided to start a new little section of the blog called “Restaurants Are Fun” (name subject to change) to document some of the random spots I go to with my friends (and sometimes enemies, but that is VERY rare). I wouldn’t say these are full on reviews per se, but they’re kind of a simple “I ate this, and it was good” or a “I ate that, and it was bad” kind of thing. Whatever. This is a blog, not the New York Times. Just let me DO WHAT I WANT.

Anyway, today I want to focus on two Asian restaurants I went to last month: Takara, the new ramen shop in Hollywood, and Sun Ha Jang, a Korean spot specializing in duck. Pics and thoughts after the jump…

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Scared Panda May Be The Cutest Animal To Ever Exist


From the immense tragedy in Japan comes one small, miniscule silver lining: this photo, which may be the cutest EVER. I don’t normally post cute crap, but I couldn’t resist this. It’s a scared panda hugging his zookeeper’s leg after the earthquake.

Let me repeat that.


This is better than that picture of the seal cub I once saw lying on its side — a high benchmark if there ever was one.

As a cute bonus, check out a guy with lions after the jump.

Found via Socialite Life Tumblr

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The Craziest Sushi Video You’ll See Today (And It’s Not Even Sushi!)

Check out this video of candy sushi being created right before our own eyes. It’s simultaneously amazing and disgusting. I can only imagine what it tastes like. I’m thinking a mix between sweetness and cancer.

As a visual exercise though, it’s pretty awesome. Gotta love that Japanese inventiveness!

(Seriously though, this shizz is nasty)

Via Vulture

Watch Men Trying To Play Soccer With Binoculars Attached To Their Heads

This video may be over three years old, but it’s new to me! It features several Japanese men playing soccer with binoculars attached to their eyes. The end result is something that looks vaguely like a Monty Python outtake (and/or me in an aerobics class). I’m not gonna lie: I guffawed many times. Stripes FTW!

Thanks to Heather for the heads up!

VIDEO: Penguins Worship Their Robotic Leader

What happens when you take a robot penguin and stick it in a pen with real penguins? Flappy chaos followed by bizarre order. I don’t know what prompted this prank (aside from the fact that playing pranks on penguins is, like, THE BEST), but it’s from a Japanese show of some sort; so we really don’t need to explain more than that.

There will be a faction of people who might think this video is cruel. And then there’s the rest of us who will find it sometimes cute, sometimes amusing, and all times totally bizarre. Either way, this penguin frenzy probably serves as some metaphor for something (society? Religion? LIFE?). Added bonus: the video randomly features the score from Enchanted (not to mention several dumb sound effects).

Found lovingly by Socialite Life.

AND WHATNOT: Jason Bateman Has Made A Huge Mistake; Also, Naughty Shrek Toys, ‘Bachelor’ Breakup, and iPhone Madness

Thanks jash.

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