And just like that, the third fantastic season of The Real Housewives of New York City is over. Months of fighting, bickering, and getting drunk have drawn to a close, and yet I still feel little resolution. Of course, what’s worse is that we now have to wait about ten months to see these women again, and one can only imagine what will happen between now and then.

The real question is whether or not Bethenny and Jill will be able to truly bury the hatchet. The two women certainly made major inroads in the finale as they aired out their issues in a mature and tearful way. Jill, for once, owned up to her role in the rift, and Bethenny seemed appreciative, but then privately in an interview, she grumbled that Jill was only mending things because the tables had turned on her. I didn’t actually see what was wrong with that, though. After all, why shouldn’t Jill make amends? She’s realized that everyone has an issue with her, and that apparently caused some introspection. To be honest, it seemed like Jill truly was trying to get over herself, and by forty-five minutes into the show, I thought our old, lovable Jill Zarin was back. But then she complained about the lack of hors d’oeuvres at Ramona’s “wedding” reception, and we remembered that Jill still has quite a ways to go before she’s back in our good graces.

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AND WHATNOT: Remembering Rue; Also, Herpes on ‘Jersey Shore,’ Tom Brady Rumors, and Oh Yeah, AT&T Has Ruined EVERYTHING

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When it comes to chilly experiences, Jill Zarin has become an expert on the subject. First she received the coldest of cold receptions at Ramona’s Caribbean getaway. Then she felt something even icier: ice. Yes, in one of the most amusing moments of this season of The Real Housewives of New York City, Jill Zarin totally bit it face-first on an ice rink at her much-hyped skating party. The scene was so funny that my friend jash and I rewound it at least ten times in a row, each time with more raucous laughter than the next. I think it’s officially the funniest pratfall in Housewives history, taking the mantle away from Vicki, who famously toppled over while receiving an award.

Of course, part of the satisfaction of watching Jill take a spill comes from seeing some small bit of cosmic justice for her increasingly controlling and vicious behavior. She’s gone through quite the descent this season, and even the most ardent Jill fans (ie. ME) have had to reevaluate their dedication to her. It’s been sad, really. For two years, she was the mother hen that most fans loved. Now she’s the most despised person on the show, and it’s not only because of the whole Bethenny brouhaha. It’s because Jill has emerged as something of a monster, lashing out at those she feels have slighted her, allying with those who enable her, and more or less waltzing through every episode with a raging sense of entitlement.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES PREVIEW: Who Uses The Word “Ho-Bag” These Days Anyway?


If you’re like me, you absolutely cannot wait to see the fallout from last week’s psychotic Kelly Killoren Bensimon meltdown on The Real Housewives of New York City. I’m quite literally counting down the hours (just under six) before the next episode airs. In the meantime, check out these two preview clips furnished by Bravo. The first is an inane “bridal shower” video whose only entertainment value comes from watching Sonja attempt euphemisms to discuss Ramona’s love life with Mario.

The second clip though — this is the good stuff. It’s Kelly giving her Caribbean postgame analysis to Jill, LuAnn, and Jennifer at a restaurant. Listening to her version of reality (not to mention her clear inability to comprehend sarcasm) is nothing short of amusing. Plus there’s that whole hypocrisy thang which pretty much starts and ends with Kelly proclaiming her hatred of gossip and badmouthing while she simultaneously gossips about and badmouths the other women to her present company (note the way Jill Zarin laps it up).

Stealing the show, however, is LuAnn, who happily jumps on her high horse and reminds Kelly in so many words that elegance is learned. And specifically, that elegance does not involve the word “ho-bag.” The Countess is actually right in this situation, but Kelly, as we all know, is immutable. In fact, rather than perhaps admit a lapse in judgment, Kelly returns to her favorite subject — questioning Bethenny’s culinary merits. Kelly insists that she doesn’t know anyone who has ever hired her, causing a reaction from the other women that is probably the funniest thing since Sonja suggested the term “mountain out of a molehill” on the yacht.

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REAL HOUSEWIVES PHOTOCAP: Introducing the Jill Zarin Scandalocity Monster!


There’s something exhilarating and yet sad about The Real Housewives of New York City. On the one hand, we’re witnessing the rush and thrill of intense reality TV feuding — a crazy car wreck that seems to only get worse week after week; sort of like a pileup on a foggy highway. On the other hand though, it’s sad. So very sad. It’s sad that we sit here and eat it all up. And it’s sad that these women don’t know how to handle themselves like adults. This week’s episode saw the simmering volcano that is Alex erupt spectacularly, bowling over Jill Zarin with a pyroclastic flow of pent up rage. It was an epic showdown full of screaming and finger pointing. Bethenny and Kelly’s argument last year looked demure in comparison. Truth be told, in a season full of bickering and blowouts, this was certainly the most heated and venomous. It was amazing.

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