Fly Over Carmageddon with JetBlue!

When Carmageddon strikes Los Angeles this weekend, locals may find themselves stuck in whatever corner of the city they find themselves. This could be very bad news for anyone who needs to get from, say, the South Bay to the the Valley, or vice versa.

Well, travelers fear not! You can now FLY over the gridlock thanks to JetBlue. That’s right, the airliner is offering flights from Burbank to Long Beach (and the other way around) on Saturday, July 16th. And it’ll only cost you $4 each way! That’s cheaper than a DAMN CAB RIDE FROM MY HOUSE TO HOLLYWOOD AND VINE (ie. one mile). No word on whether or not the trip includes Terra Blue Chips.

Be sure to book now! There are only four flights total…


Thanks to @Erin_Murphy for the heads up…

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Disgruntled JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater Once Commented On B-Side Blog!


Once again my eagle-eyed friend Malibu Judie has discovered something quite exciting. It appears as though famously disgruntled JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater may have been a reader of this blog. Two years ago, an “S. Slater” who identified himself as a “JetBlue steward” left a comment on this site (specifically on a flight blog) thanking me for flying with his company. “Thanks again for your business, peeps like you make it fun,” he writes, amusingly foreshadowing his epic meltdown. We can only imagine what happened between then and now to erode that cheery company pride.

Furthermore, the email that Mr. Slater left with his comment when typed into Facebook leads directly to his profile (which includes a happy picture of him in a JetBue uniform holding a bundle of balloons). And so it’s confirmed. Steven Slater reads B-Side Blog! I knew there was a reason I liked the guy.

To read S. Slater’s full quote on this site, check it out here.

JetBlue Flight Attendant Activates Emergency Chute, Is Awesome

“Good for him!”

A frustrated and furious flight attendant popped open the emergency slide on a grounded JetBlue plane today after an epic breakdown that my friend Malibu Judie so politely described as a “major career limiting move.” The whole imbroglio began when a passenger accidentally knocked luggage into the flight attendant and refused to apologize. The disturbed employee swiftly enacted revenge by spewing out a profanity-laden tirade over the PA system and then activating the emergency slide, which he promptly zipped down (although, not before grabbing two well-needed beers from the galley). He then ran off on the tarmac, disappearing in JFK airport, only to be found hours later in his apartment in Queens where he was arrested for reckless endangerment and criminal mischief.

For such brave work, this JetBlue employee earns the Lucille Bluth “Good for her!” award. True, the flight attendant was a male, not a female, but the words — used initially on Arrested Development to laud the fine deeds of a mother who drowned her kids in a pond — seem apt nonetheless.

Further details about this bizarre story can be found here.

UPDATE: The New York Times now has pictures up of the flight attendant, Steven Slater. Check them out here. (thanks jash)

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