A few years ago, my fellow blogger Ed Hill wrote some theory he had about reality TV. It was something called the “golden corridor” or the “golden stretch” or something like that. Basically, his theory was that certain reality shows peak midway through a season. In the beginning, the shows are awkward, finding their footing. […]

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Double The Eviction, Double The Fun!

I’m back! For the moment. Sorry everyone, I’ve been working on some non-blog stuff that has totally monopolized my time. Despite that, I knew I just had to write something about this week’s double eviction episode of Big Brother, which was AH-MAH-ZING. I tend to love these “Big Brother Fast Forward” shows. They’re awkward, oddly-paced, […]

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Reset It and Forget It

In a MOST. UNPREDICTABLE. AND SHOCKING way, the Big Brother house was turned upside down last night. Yes, America voted on whether or not the coaches would be allowed back into the game, and I can assure you that indeed America / CBS has declared it so! Memo to Big Brother: time to change the […]

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Staten Island Dumped?

Well, an explosive week in the Big Brother house has come to an end. It was fun watching Willie get kicked out (did y’all hear he got arrested just days after leaving the house?), but at the same time, I’m going to miss having a full-fledged villain to kick around. As we all know, the […]

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Fruit Loops and Fighting

Is it too early to say that Big Brother is back? After two seasons of cast members who just voted with the majority and were afraid to make ripples, we are back with a household of schemers and hot heads. In last night’s episode, we saw a meltdown, an insurrection, and battle of egos. THIS […]

BIG BROTHER FINALE PHOTOCAP: Ain’t No One Coming Between Her and Her Prize

The confetti has fallen. The seats have emptied. The house has been cleared out. Big Brother 13 is over, and another season is behind us. It’s taken me a day to get around to this photocap — not because I’m curled up in a ball of sadness, but because in the wake of the finale, […]


Last night’s episode of Big Brother was utterly frustrating, full of dumb decisions, annoying outcomes, and questionable situations. It had me rolling my eyes and gritting my teeth. I was so angry. In other words, it was a great episode. Being a Big Brother fan means enduring hideous things, often in the form of watching […]


Oh the joys of Big Brother. After dominating the house for so many weeks, the Veterans finally saw their numbers take a hit last night when two of them — Brendon and Jordan — faced down elimination, thanks to dissent in their ranks (Daniele). Even worse for the likes of anti-floater advocate Rachel, their fates […]

Chenbot Appears on ‘Watch What Happens Live’; My Pop Culture World Colllide

In case you missed it on Sunday night, Julie Chen made a surprise appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, prompting many uses of the word “Chenbot” and an obligatory text from my cousin to tune in. The segment is brief but wonderful.

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Introducing Super Safari Chenbot

Every season, the Chenbot dazzles us with an outfit so unconventional, so bizarre that it becomes instantly legendary. There was her sparkling astronaut pantsuit one year. And there was her orange jumpsuit another year. Last night, Julie defied expectations and busted out her first ever cape. That’s right: Chenbot wore a CAPE. As in, the […]