WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #126: Nene’s The Worst… and So Is Ramona

Ronnie is off missing again; so Katie Cazorla ( is back to join Ben Mandelker ( for some serious “tea,” as they say. This week the two rag on Nene for being an unrepentant diva on part three of the Atlanta reunion. Then it’s off to Orange County where — surprise — we love the new girl! Who would have thought? Finally we head to New York City where Ramona acts a damn fool, bitching about her trip to the Berkshires and throwing champagne glasses.

Along the way, there’s gossip about Apollo Nida, Yolanda Foster, Lynn Curtin’s kids, and much more. Plus talk of Married to Medicine. Come listen!

WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #124: Bravo Gives Us Hot Brawls and Cold Potatoes

There’s drama large and small on all the “Real Housewives” this week, and “Watch What Crappens” has it covered. Ben Mandelker ( is joined by Katie Cazorla (TVGN’s “The Nail Files”) as they break down Sonja’s delusions, Aviva’s hypocrisy, and Ramona’s utter craziness on RHONYC. Then it’s on to Atlanta to talk about the weave-pull heard around the world. It’s Porsha versus Kenya, and the loser is everyone involved.

Finally, things wrap up with talk of Shannon from “Orange County.” Kooky nutjob or hilariously entertaining lady? Both?

Along the way there are plenty of tangents and gossip. Come listen!

WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #118: From Hags to Bitches

This week on “Watch What Crappens,” Ben Mandelker ( and Ronnie Karam ( are joined by Katie Cazorla (“The Nail Files,” TVGN) to discuss an blockbuster week in Bravo. First, the trio vent at length about the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season finale. Spoiler alert: they’re all Team Lisa.

Then it’s on to the Season Premiere of “Real Housewives of New York City” where Ben, Ronnie, and Katie discuss our old faves (Ramona), the new faces (Kristen), and everything in between (mostly Aviva).

Lastly, the gang focuses their targets on misogynistic Peter and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” How did the group’s trip to Mexico start off? We dissect it all.

Also up for discussion: the new “Real Housewives of Orange County” trailer, “Southern Charm,” and “Blood, Sweat, and Heels.” Come listen!

WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #112: Brawling with “Atlanta” and “Vanderpump Rules”

This week on “Watch What Crappens” we don some protective gear and head straight into the big fist fights that appeared on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Vanderpump Rules.” Ben Mandelker ( and Ronnie Karam ( break everything down — from the gay sidekicks to the pathological liars. Also joining in the fray is Katie Cazorla ( who gives us all sorts of gossip about the Bravo stars she ran into over the course of the week.

Along the way, we tackle “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” “Shahs of Sunset,” and “Blood, Sweat, and Heels.” Oh, and don’t forget all the gossip. From Apollo to Ramona, we’ve got you covered. Come listen!

WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #107: Pride and Prejudice

This week, Ben Mandelker (bsideblog) and Ronnie Karam (TrashTalkTV) are both joined by Lisa Timmons (Banter With Ben and Lisa) and Katie Carzola (The Nail Files) for a super long and fun romp through all of Bravo’s trash. Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Shahs of Sunset were all on fire this week. Come on in!

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WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #103: So Big We Had To Split It In Two! Special Guest Katie Cazorla


On part 1 of this epic two-part podcast, Ben Mandelker ( and Ronnie Karam ( are joined by Katie Cazorla, star of “The Nail Files” on TVGN. Things get down and dirty real quickly as the three discuss Joe and Teresa Giudice’s latest fraud indictments. Then it’s on to the “Real Housewives of Miami” reunion where there’s so much squawking, you’d think Thanksgiving had arrived early.

Next, Ben, Ronnie, and Katie fully dissect Carlton’s luncheon on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” From witchcraft to the c-word, we take it all on.

Be sure to stay tuned for part II, which features “Vanderpump Rules,” “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Shahs of Sunset.”

On part 2, the trio unleashes their wrath on the idiot servers of “VanderPump Rules.” Will Tom ever leave Kristen? Will Stassi take back Jax? And will we ever regain the brain cells we lost on this show?

Then it’s on to “Real Housewives of Atlanta” to discuss Kenya’s eviction, Phaedra’s issues with Apollo, and the lovely, young Riley.

Finally, we wrap up with “Shahs of Sunset.” Team MJ or Team Lily? And would you ever buy Diamond Water?

We have lots and lots and lots to say on all these topics and more. Come listen!

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AND WHATNOT: The Best Viral Video of the Day, Courtesy of Joel McHale and Melissa McCarthy

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My First Ever Manicure, Courtesy of ‘The Nail Files’


As some of you may know, my friend Katie has landed herself a full-on reality show called The Nail Files on the TV Guide Channel, and guess what? It premieres tomorrow night! The series revolves around Katie and her nail salon, The Painted Nail, and in an attempt to get the word out, TV Guide held a little press junket at the PN (that’s what I call it when I’m trying to sound cool) and invited various members of the media to receive their own complimentary manicures. I’m never one to turn down a freebie, especially if it helps promote my friend’s business / reality show. And so I traveled on over to The Painted Nail and submitted myself to my first ever manicure. Pictures of the experience after the jump…

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Inside the Painted Nail Spring Launch Party


A few nights ago, my friend Katie had a party to celebrate the launch of her new Painted Nail products, and so my crew (IndianJones and Phamtastic) and I all trekked on over to see what the hullaballoo was about. Here’s the thing: when Katie throws a party, you go. Last time I dropped by one of her events, I got a picture with Maria Conchita Alonso. ‘Nuff said.

Anyway, for those of you who aren’t familiar, Katie runs a much-lauded nail salon here in Los Angeles, and soon it shall be featured prominently on the TV Guide reality show The Nail Files, starring Katie and her boyfriend Walter. I’m happy to report the cameras were rolling at the party, which means my burgeoning side career of appearing briefly in the background of reality shows continues to thrive. (Stay tuned to Bravo for more on that front)

After the jump, a few random pics from the event… Continue reading


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It’s Wednesday, which means there’s a new episode of Housewives Hoedown ready to watch. Joining me this week is my old chum from TVgasm, Katie Cazorla, who just happens to be starring in a brand new reality show for the TV Guide Network called “The Nail Files,” which premieres in June. Anyway, on this episode of Housewives Hoedown, Katie and I take on The Real Housewives of Miami. We break down the debut episode, analyze all the women, and then rank them in order of best to worst at the end of the show. We also chat about The Real Housewives of Atlanta as well as gossip from the other franchises. Plus, Katie dishes exclusively about meeting Taylor Armstrong from Beverly Hills.

Check it out!