After weeks upon weeks of promotion and hype, the much anticipated “fight” episode of Top Chef: Masters arrived last night. This was finally the moment when we’d get to see the ultimate meltdown: a veritable imbroglio between Ludo Lefebvre and Rick Moonen. What could have possible led up to this most unprofessional altercation? And what would the fallout be?
Well, don’t get too excited. What we saw in the promos was essentially ALL we saw on the show. There was a trifling backstory to it all (seafood master Rick got to cook fish & chips for a pub challenge; Ludo thought it was unfair), but truly, the big fight lasted all of ten seconds on screen, with Ludo complaining about Rick’s advantage — perhaps tongue in cheek — and Rick unleashing his now trademark “Hey! HEY! I’M TALKING HERE!!” And then it was over. Or at least, that’s all Bravo deigned to show us. We immediately cut away to the Critics Table, thus sweeping the rest of this impasse under the proverbial rug. Booo.

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