More Banter About The ‘Housewives’

Hey everyone — I just recorded another videocast with none other than Ronnie Karam (a.k.a. Flipit) from TVgasm. We talked exclusively about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Real Housewives of Atlanta; so be sure to check out the show up above. Next week, there might even be a call in feature…



We’ve seen a lot of fights on the Real Housewives franchise. There have been flowing tears, screaming voices, and at times extremely intense emotion. But nothing in the entire history of the show compared to the fight that erupted at the end of last night’s season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This wasn’t just a ridiculous, campy fight (à la Kim vs. Nene earlier this week). This was a ridiculous, emotionally charged fight, stemming from issues that have brewed for seemingly years on end. The revelations and accusations that surfaced bordered on an Edward Albee level of drama, thus making the finale both utterly gripping, and — let’s face it — kind of sad and depressing. And not just because of the Kim and Kyle situation. We had downer updates from Camille, Lisa (yes, Lisa), Taylor, and of course the Richards sisters. The only one who seemed to emerge unscathed was Adrienne, whose biggest post-show news was that she and Paul still bicker. Good for them.

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VIDEO: How I Met The Real Housewives of New York and Other Banter

Last week I teased y’all with a story about having met four of the Real Housewives of New York City, and yesterday I explained the full story in all its goofy glory. In case you missed it, I gabbed about it and other Housewives-related issues on my videocast, titled “Off Script” (name soon to change though as the show will now be focusing solely on the Housewives niche instead of all reality). Check out my friend Sita and I talking about the latest on Beverly Hills and Atlanta, and if you’re patient, you’ll even get the full stories of how Sita encountered Lisa VanderPump and how I met Alex, Ramona, The Countess, and Kelly (sort of). Hope you enjoy…

The show starts at around the 2:15 mark (although, feel free to start from the beginning if you like the New Radicals, which I do).



Sadness, people. We only have one episode left of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the freshest, most entertaining new installment to the franchise since New York City. Not every episode has huge drama (exhibit A: last night), but there’s plenty of pathos and subtle passive aggression to keep us happy for months. This penultimate edition focused on two milestone events: the decline of Camille’s marriage and the college graduation of Kyle’s daughter. In the case of the former, we got to watch as Camille struggled to put on a happy face despite the misery that was only just starting to take over her life (if it hadn’t already been). This all brought up mixed emotions. On the one hand, it was hard to sympathize with Camille, who has proven herself to be an instigator, a manipulator, a narcissist, and a perpetual victim both on and off the show. On the other hand, I must admit that I did feel a liiiiittle bad for her. Divorce is not fun or pleasant, and truth be told, it really DOES suck for her. She may not be an ideal citizen, but Kelsey’s no great shakes either.

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CHECK IT OUT: More TV Banter!

About six weeks ago, I posted about a web show I’m hosting, and I’m happy to report that we finally taped a second episode last week. Joining me once again was Matt Whitfield, the Features editor for Yahoo! Entertainment, and just like last time, we spent a good amount of energy talking about The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills, not to mention The A-List: New York, Survivor, and The Amazing Race (among others).

Check out the video above (fast forward a minute or two to get past the music — I don’t know why it was so long). Hope you enjoy!

We’re hoping to record another episode this week; so keep an eye out on this blog or my Twitter for information on how you can watch it live. Plus, there will hopefully be more Banter with Ben & Lisa soon too…

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Ep. 12: Banter With Ben and Lisa

Usually Lisa and I get together on a Friday to do our nifty podcast, but this time around, we caught up on Sunday night at her place where she not only cooked me up a lovely dinner, but also a generous mug of cocoa. With our stomachs full, we then got around to bantering, and this time around, we reviewed some of the pie entries for the Cool Whip Gift Basket contest. It turned out that neither of us were really into it though; so we just switched to gabbing about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and then an engaging discussion about John Mayer and how he became such a douche. Enjoy!


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