VIDEO: Julie Chen Talks About The Chenbot (and ME!!! Sort of)

The thrill never grows old. Julie Chen recently talked to Larry King, host of Larry King Now on Hulu and Ora TV, about her nickname, The Chenbot, which we coined back in the TVgasm days. In the clip above, Julie references the infamous “but first” video that yours truly made in 2006 — one of the very first “supercuts” in the YouTube era. I’m not going to lie: I totally cheese out in the interview when Julie alludes to “this person” (because “this person” is MEEEEEEEEE).

Anyway, we love The Chenbot, and while I’m sorry that she took offense to the nickname at first, I hope she sees it came from a place of love and joy. And, if I may be so bold to assert this, by embracing The Chenbot persona, one might even say that Julie herself became MORE HUMAN.


Hi Julie!!!!!!