BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA #44: Lion Attacks, American Idol, and Chris Brown

Banter with Ben and Lisa is back (I think we say that every episode), and we have tons of random things to talk about. First Lisa Timmons ( and I discuss a bizarre tragedy involving a lion and an intern. Then it’s on to the equally strange case of acid-tossing at the Bolshoi Ballet. Naturally, […]

Scared Panda May Be The Cutest Animal To Ever Exist

From the immense tragedy in Japan comes one small, miniscule silver lining: this photo, which may be the cutest EVER. I don’t normally post cute crap, but I couldn’t resist this. It’s a scared panda hugging his zookeeper’s leg after the earthquake. Let me repeat that. IT’S A SCARED PANDA HUGGING HIS ZOOKEEPER’S LEG AFTER […]