Casper Mattress: Unfurling The Dream!


Back in 2002, I stepped into the hallowed halls of a certain mattress retailer named Sit ‘n’ Sleep. It was time for me to graduate from the janky futon I had been sleeping on for the past year and learn what it meant to be an adult. Or at least, a young adult. I was a year out of college, and I was growing up.

That was the first time I had ever purchased a mattress, and I didn’t even know what I was looking for. Did I want something firm? Soft? What did my back need? As far as I could tell, I’d never met a bed I didn’t like. I could sleep on cots, futons, air mattresses, whatever. Just give me something springy with some blankets. Well, I walked out of that Sit ‘n’ Sleep with a $400 queen that seemed to promise a lifetime of beautiful slumber and unwavering happiness.

That never happened.

To my dismay, I discovered that I had purchased a miserable mattress that was entirely too firm for my delicate body. I hated the thing almost immediately, but for some reason I held out hope that I just needed to “break it in.” All I needed was some determination and grit!

Fast forward to summer 2015, and here I was, a 36-year-old man still sleeping on his Fisher-Price My First Mattress™. It had been thirteen years since I had welcomed this dreadful beast into my life, and never did it EVER break in. It would not be broken! The only thing broken was my spirit. Something needed to be done.

And then I learned about Casper Mattresses.

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Adventures in San Francisco!


A few weeks ago I headed up to San Francisco where I saw a bunch of my friends, including blog regulars Meeshie, Malibu Judie, and even IndianJones. The weekend was full of all sorts of high adventure including waterfalls, ice cream, and trail mix. Okay, so not much adventure. But neat photos!

After the jump, check out some pics from the trip, as well as a few, brief restaurant notes…

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ADVENTURES IN DOMESTICITY: CBTL Winner Crowned with Coffee-Inspired Short Ribs and Pork Skewers

About a month ago, I posted yet another contest on this blog imploring readers to submit recipes with the chance to win a free CBTL Kaldi single serve coffee machine. The rules were simple: enter a coffee or tea-inspired dish, and the winning recipe (as judged by an elite panel of tasters) would win the machine.

I received a lovely selection of submissions, and ultimately, I decided to whip up two dishes: Crystalis77’s Short Ribs Braised in Coffee Ancho Chile Suace and Noreen’s Garam Masala Pork Skewers. Both recipes piqued my curiosity with their inventive uses of coffee, and while I was hoping to incorporate at least one tea-based recipe or one dessert item into the mix, I decided that for my sanity I would merely make two dishes.

Results and winners after the jump…

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AND WHATNOT: The Best Viral Video of the Day, Courtesy of Joel McHale and Melissa McCarthy

WIRED: The Worst Gear
Yahoo! News: News of the World staff mocks Rebekah Brooks in final crossword clues
New York Post: Drunk man who trashed Letterman’s theater has no recollection of incident
Spiegel Online: Deadly Spider Shuts Down German Supermarket (thanks Malibu Judie!)
Out: Michael Irvin: The Playmaker Preaches ‘Nail Files’: Star and Painted Nail salon owner Katie Cazorla names five reasons to tune in tonight
The Awl: How To Split A Check At A Restaurant

Introducing The Coolest T-Shirt Ever (If I Do Say So Myself)

IndianJones with our custom t-shirts.

Once a year, the fine (and entirely way too cold and rainy) city of San Francisco hosts a race called Bay To Breakers, wherein several people run across the city… and everyone else dresses up in costumes and drinks their asses off. I’d heard from my friend IndianJones that it was a blast; so I decided to head up to the City by the Bay this weekend to partake in the action. Now I’m here, and even better: so are blog regulars Malibu Judie and Sly (as well as our other friend who wishes to remain 100% anonymous). The only thing missing is a group costume. Well, we weren’t really planning on going all out, but as it turns out, IndianJones’s friends have all adopted a British theme; so in the spirit of all things Royal Wedding and such, our little group decided to design t-shirts for the occasion. Our fine work after the jump.

And yes, this is all very self-congratulatory, but we’re just really really excited about these t-shirts…

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AND WHATNOT: Juicy ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Scoop (including video!); Also, Creepy Super Mario Bros. Moments, and A Cool Dancing Demo

Dancer Khasan Brailsford shows cool moves (wait for it to come together in the last 45 seconds).

Socialite Life: Yay Summer: ‘The Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ Returns In May
Starcasm: Julie Chen reveals ‘surprising’ Big Brother 13 audition tapes
Cracked: 6 Bizarrely Creepy Moments from the Mario Universe (thanks Leah3t!)
Real Clear Politics: Biden Falls Asleep During Obama Budget Speech? (thanks Malibu Judie!)
The Onion: How To Get A Guy To Notice You While You’re Having Sex With Him (thanks Neil!)
Movieline: Has Drew Barrymore Made Every Kind of Relationship Movie Ever?



I’ve been on a small ice cream kick lately ever since I procured David Lebovitz’s food bible, The Perfect Scoop. Actually, it had been more of a chocolate sorbet kick, but last week I decided to elevate my game with an attempt at mint ice cream. It’s difficult for me to have ice cream without the presence of chocolate though; so I turned the volume up — as Ina would say — and also stirred in some homemade chocolate fudge ripple.

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AND WHATNOT: Insane New Cookbook Turns Food World On Its Head; Also, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models and A ‘Great Gatsby’ Video Game!

Via D-Listed

Yahoo! Finance: The Game-Changing Cookbook
KTLA: L.A. County Employee Found Dead in Cubicle a Day Later (thanks Malibu Judie!)
Socialite Life: 21 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Covers (2011 − 1991) [PHOTOS]
NY Times: A Handyman’s Special With Hot and Cold Running Rumors (thanks Sly!) The Great Gatsby For NES (thanks Intern Nick)

I WANT: Sushi Burrito at Sushiritto

Image from Thrillist

Someone — actually a friend of Malibu Judie’s, specifically — came up with the brilliant idea of rolling up a whole butt-load of sushi into a “burrito,” and I can assuredly say that I WANT IT. Unfortunately, Malibu Judie’s friend only sells these sushi burritos at Sushirrito, a new spot up in San Francisco. Now, this may sound like a shilling post, but I have never met Malibu Judie’s friend. I simply want everyone to go to Sushirrito so that it becomes popular enough to either spread down to LA or at least inspire some knock-offs.

Luckily, regional mini-chain Niko Niko Sushi does offer the Superman Burrito, which is a longstanding favorite of mine (a bunch of fish wrapped in rice and soy paper), but I yearn for something more. Something like… SUSHIRRITO.

Okay, I am clearly starving and just typing out this post because I’m in a demented state of mind. Please, Bay Area folks, help my Sushirrito dreams come to life.

Check out a nifty article about the restaurant here (thanks to IndianJones for the heads up!).