WOW: Louboutins in CAKE FORM

Every so often, I post some amazing cake that my friend Mark Randazzo has whipped up at his bakery, Mark Joseph Cakes. Well, this latest offering for a Trump Soho bridal shower is one of his most impressive, at least in terms of recreations. It’s a cake in the form of a Christian Louboutin shoebox […]

Inside Mark Joseph Cakes

Every so often I post about my friends’ bakery, Mark Joseph Cakes, which is run by Mark Randazzo and his wife Leslie. Mark is responsible for my most popular blog post of all time (the famed R2-D2 cake, which still draws hundreds of readers every day), and I’m happy to report that since that droid […]

You MUST Look At These Amazing Cakes by Mark Randazzo!

A few years ago, I blogged about my friend Mark Randazzo of Mark Joseph Cakes in New York City. Back then, he crafted an R2-D2 Cake, which was red instead of blue, throwing the nerds into a tizzy of epic proportions. Coloration issues be damned, the post became and has continued to be my most […]