ADVENTURES IN DOMESTICITY: When Bad Things Happen To Good Peppers


Not all my Adventures in Domesticity are winners. Take, for example, this very simple stuffed pepper recipe from Martha Stewart’s website. It calls for bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, basil, ground pepper, and olive oil. Can’t go wrong with that, right?

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ADVENTURES IN DOMESTICITY: Black Friday Chocolate Soufflé Edition


This past Friday, while the rest of America was fighting over $2 waffle irons at Wal-Mart, my friend Esi (of Dishing Up Delights), Esi’s sister, and I went hiking instead. The three of us trekked up to the world famous Hollywood sign at sunset, which was kind of like the most spectacular thing ever, but of course it took three hours, and by the time it was done, we were cold and hungry. All we wanted was something warm and comforting, and as a result, we eventually found ourselves huddled around a big, steaming pizza at Vito’s Pizza, which continues to rank as one of my favorite It’s-Cold-Outside-And-I-Need-Happiness joints. This was all well and good, but what of dessert? Esi and I had been aching to cook together for a few months, and this was the perfect opportunity: we decided to make something warm and tasty but also totally new to both of us. We ultimately decided on that most esteemed of culinary challenges: the soufflé!

Being that we’re both Ina Garten fiends, Esi and I immediately scoured the internet for a Barefoot Contessa soufflé recipe, but all we could find were savory offerings. Luckily, it was Martha Stewart to the rescue with her chocolate soufflé recipe. It seemed easy enough, but soufflé’s are notoriously tricky. Would we succeed at the task, or would we find ourselves deflated like a sad soufflé?

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Martha Stewart Shows Off Her Ass on ‘The Fabulous Beekman Boys’

Screen shot 2011-03-25 at 10.00.08 AM.png

I seriously think I have to start watching The Fabulous Beekman Boys. I don’t know why I’m not already DVRing it. In this preview clip from next week’s show, the guys head to Martha Stewart’s Katonah estate to deliver some goats. Snarky observations about her barn ensue. They had me at “lemons.”

(If nothing else, enjoy watching the really cute goats and donkeys)

Ep. 09: Banter with Ben and Lisa

Hey all. Lisa and I are back with another wonderful podcast, and on this episode of Banter with Ben and Lisa, we cover a wild variety of topics, including 30 Rock, Top Chef: Just Desserts, and Modern Family. We also take on a variety of non-TV related subjects, such as bears, whales, my dark theatrical past, and, of course, food blogging. So listen in as we banter along with our friend jash about who knows what.


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Ep. 08: Banter with Ben and Lisa

We took a little break for a few weeks, but Banter with Ben and Lisa is back! On this week’s show, Lisa and I let the banter blender whir out of control as our discussion of Jersey Shore quickly spirals into a free-for-all gabfest about Martha Stewart, Mariah Carey, Step Up 3D, helicopters, infomercials, and Danielle Staub’s recent musical performance on WPIX. Plus, because it was so nice out, Lisa and I brought the laptop and Snowball microphone up to my roof to enjoy the many splendors of Mother Nature (which, in LA, includes various honking horns and overhead aircraft). Unfortunately, my laptop is old, and for some reason, when it recorded us, it made our voices sound ever so slightly higher pitch, which is somewhat amusing. A touch of chipmunk never hurt anyone, right?


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Major dramz on The City! Whitney and Roxy got into a huge fight, and now it looks like the roomies will be going their separate ways! It all started when Roxy was tasked with making sure a Canadian popstar named LIGHTS would wear a piece from the Whitney Eve line during a concert. I had my doubts about this LIGHTS character, but Kelly claimed she’d be the next big thing, and the last time Kelly did that, she was talking about Lady Gaga; so I’ll refrain from judgment. Nevertheless, LIGHTS was totally a punker kid — or so she claimed. I’d say that in terms of rock, she was less punk and more Fraggle, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is that the girly girl Whitney Eve collection didn’t seem to be a perfect match. Nevertheless, Roxy thanklessly pushed forward, all but strapping the fickle starlet into an outfit for the concert.

Ultimately, LIGHTS opted for a blazer to wear over her shirt, but as luck would have it, the moment she stepped on stage, she eschewed the big black thing and dropped it on the ground where it sat dejectedly for the entire concert. Up in the balcony, Whitney looked on in horror as her baby collected dust by LIGHTS’ feet. She was not happy at all as this was supposed to be a giant break for her collection (actually, I’d say the break was having it publicized on MTV week in and week out for a few months now, but what do I know?). Whit-Whit soon found Roxy and chewed out her friend for failing on all fronts. It was a refreshing change and part of the New Whitney, who has revealed herself to be a somewhat empowered, occasionally bossy young lady (earlier in the episode, she commanded Roxy’s photographer friend to take photos of her blazer — it was intense enough for Kelly to suggest that she relax a bit).

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