QUICK HIT: Mel Gibson Levels Anti-Semitic Comment at Winona Ryder

It’s now common knowledge that Mel Gibson is crazy, angry, and prone to impolite bon-mots, but for one star, this was all OLD NEWS. Winona Ryder recently told GQ that she encountered Mellers several years ago at a party, and he not only made anti-Semitic comments, but homophobic ones as well. Who would have thunk […]

Mel Gibson Is Crazier Than Ever (And Also In Need of Some Cardio)

If Thursday’s Mel Gibson rant wasn’t quiiiiite crazy / scary / disturbing enough for you, well, guess what? You’re in luck! There’s a brand new recording of the superstar, and this time it’s 50% more frightening. This time around, the disgraced actor spends a good seven minutes yelling, berating, and generally acting SCARY AS SHIT […]

Mel Gibson Has A Way With Words

Great news! The latest crazy, racist rant from Mel Gibson has surfaced on the Interwebs, and it’s all the psychotic zaniness one could hope for. Mellers delivers us a hefty dose of misogynistic, obnoxious screeds, topped with a cherry of racism. It’s all directed at his now ex-girlfriend/baby-mama Oksana Grigorieva, whose hefty bosom apparently is […]