AND WHATNOT: Red Sox Are (Almost) The Worst! Also, Rockets, Beets, and Heidi's Alleged Drug Problem

Via LAist

New York Times: The Self-Appointed Twitter Scolds
Wall Street Journal: Are the Yankees Truly the Most-Despised Ballclub? (thanks IndianJones)
Fresh & Sleazy: Heidi Montag Might Be Addicted To Drugs
Gizmodo: A Fascinating View on the Apollo 11 Launch
Reuters: Cleaners paint over priceless art
Reality Blurred: Bret Michaels critical but stable; Trump says, “forget the show … I just hope he makes it”
Daily Dish: Can’t be beet
Squid Ink: Q & A with Marcel Vigneron: Island Life, Going Molecular & Cooking with Bobby Flay

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