BANTER BLENDER #91: Talking Survivor, Amazing Race with Michelle Collins

What better way to kick off your Memorial Day Weekend than by talking about TV? Michelle Collins ( joins Ben Mandelker ( to talk about the season finales of “Survivor” and “Amazing Race.” Along the way, the two have plenty of tangents, including talks of mishaps at Target and sartorial mistakes at H&M. Definitely load this one up for when you’re stuck in traffic this weekend!

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WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS: Ep 33 – Slutty Island Is More Nutty Than Slutty

Language NSFW

With so many ladies behaving badly on Bravo this week, it only made sense that we brought in a lady to mix it up on Watch What Crappens. Michelle Collins (“Kathy”) steps in for Matt Whitfield and joins Ronnie Karam ( and me as we discuss every nook and cranny of the latest “Real Housewives of New York City” episode. After that, it’s on to “Gallery Girls” to talk about Amy, Chantal and the rest of those catty ladies. Come take a listen!

Also, apologies for the audio this week — we had some weird wireless problems, and my internal mic on my laptop made me sound like I was speaking through a pillow.

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Epic Halloween Weekend Leads To Annual Batch of Embarrassing Photos


People might not realize this, but Halloween in Los Angeles can be a crazy, crazy experience, and this past weekend was no exception. Luckily, my friends and I always seem to have a camera on hand, which means much of the ridiculousness can be documented. Sadly, we did miss some vital pics — such as the annual onslaught of sexy iterations of generally non-sexy things: sexy Waldo, sexy Freddy Krueger, sexy Chilean miners, etc. I even think I saw a sexy version of Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

Pictures (of slutty and non-slutty costumes alike) after the jump…

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Celebrity Cold Shoulders From the MTV Movie Awards

My friend (and NewNowNext award winner!!) Michelle spent Sunday afternoon on the carpet of the MTV Movie Awards where she tirelessly tried to flag down celebs to talk to She certainly had success (T.I., Snoop Dogg, etc.), but not every celeb was so willing to chat it up. Check out the video above of Michelle getting the royal snub from the likes of The Rock, Zac Efron, and Mark Wahlberg, among others. Highly entertaining.