Seasonal Fare at Mohawk Bend


A few weeks ago, I attended a media-comped dinner at Mohawk Bend in Echo Park in order to sample some of the seasonal items creeping up on the menu. It was a cold, rainy night, and being plopped down next to the restaurant’s roaring fireplace was kind of the best thing ever. Luckily, the food was good too. After the jump, check out some (grainy, blurry) pics of what we tasted…

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Mohawk Bend in Echo Park Serves Brunch, But Can It Redeem Itself?

Back in July, I wrote about the opening of Mohawk Bend, a vegan-friendly (but meat serving) gastropub in Echo Park. The evening had been a fun one, but not all the dishes were the ones you’d write home to Mom about (not that I write home to Mom about every dish I eat). While we did graze on some tasty fare on that fateful opening night, there were enough duds — particularly a vegan pizza that left everyone at my table a little, uh, uneasy — that my lasting impression of Mohawk Bend was not necessarily the greatest. In fact, for months after, the most prominent memory I had of Mohawk Bend was their pizzas that suffered from soggy crusts, among other things. For all the the things the restaurant did right that night, I couldn’t really dispel that pizza from my mind — particularly the offending vegan pizza — and as a result, I’ve neither gone back to Mohawk Bend nor have I recommended it to anyone looking for an East Side dining option.

And yet despite this, I headed back recently for a media-comped brunch at Mohawk Bend. I’m not going to lie: I was totally apprehensive, but I knew that as long as I avoided the pizza, I would be fine.

Would the restaurant be able to redeem itself after its rocky opening? Results and pictures after the jump…
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Sneak Peek of Mohawk Bend in Echo Park


Last night I was lucky enough to attend a sneak peek of the new vegan-friendly gastropub Mohawk Bend in Echo Park. The spot comes to us courtesy of the people behind Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank and occupies a space that once housed the Ramona Theater on Sunset Blvd. That famous Vaudeville space is now gone, but some of its walls remain in the beautifully designed (Spacecraft, natch) venue.

Mohawk Bend doesn’t open until the end of the month, but after the jump, check out pics and early impressions of the food and drink…

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