BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA #64: Miley, Gaga, and the VMAs

This week, Ben Mandelker ( and Lisa Timmons ( take on MTV’s annual display of craziness: the VMAs! We tackle everything from Miley’s twerking to Gaga’s wigging out. Plus, the much-hyped NSYNC reunion, Macklemore’s J-Hud moment, and Katy Perry’s time in the ring. Come listen!

BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA #47: Gay Facebook, Pregnant Kim Kardashian, and The Real World

From the official description:

This week on Banter with Ben and Lisa, Ben Mandelker ( and Lisa Timmons ( welcome back Marcos Luevenos for another rowdy discussion of all things pop culture. The trio tackle all those red gay marriage profile pictures on Facebook as well as Kim Kardshian’s much documented pregnancy and the “Real World’s” notable MTV history. There are many tangents and off-shoots along the way, as well as one very squeaky dog. Come listen!

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AND WHATNOT: Drag Queen to Star on ‘Housewives of Miami’; Also, Alison Brie, Phil Collins, and Bedbugs

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It’s The New ‘Jersey Shore’ Trailer!


Grab some bronzer: the official trailer for season two of Jersey Shore is here, and it looks like the kids have brought all their STDs down to Miami Beach for another successful round of drama. It’s hard to tell if the show can survive the media onslaught that these once naïve kids endured over the past six months, but at the very least, it looks like there’ll be plenty of partying, fighting, and Snooki-isms to entertain us for a few weeks.

The full trailer (not to be confused with the sneak peak I had posted a few weeks ago) after the jump:

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WORST RUMOR EVER: Is The City Cancelled?

MTV needs a stern talking to. Rumors surfaced today that The City MAY BE CANCELLED. This is an outright horrific decision. The City is not only a fantastic show, but I’d wager to say that it’s the best series on MTV. Heck, I’d go so far to say that it has emerged as one of the best reality programs of all time. Yes, I said it. That’s no hyperbole. Since adjusting its format away from Whitney’s love life and towards the world of fashion, The City has consistently delivered us a nifty thirty minute package of passive-aggression and stern life lessons week after week in the most entertaining way. The combination of Kelly Cutrone’s sharp-tongued attacks mixed with the tense posturing between Erin and Olivia has been nothing short of a guilty pleasure. At its best, the show is a wonderfully succinct commentary on workplace politics. At its worst, it’s just plain fun.

In many ways, The City doesn’t even belong on MTV. The leads are too mature and urbane, and let’s face it: a huge amount of entertainment derives from the likes of Cutrone, Joe Zee, Robbie Myers, and the occasional Anne Slowey appearance. In other words, the old people. There’s no way MTV could possibly stomach so many non-Snooki types.

Of course, The City has its detractors. People complain that it’s too scripted (news flash: who cares?), and others feel that it’s boring. I can’t even address the latter critique — to me it’s like saying humans don’t need air to breathe. Ridiculous. However, dramatic reactions aside, I still must insist that The City is fantastic, and it at least deserves another season. We can’t be deprived of the petty feuds and professional tomfoolery. Reconsider, MTV. Reconsider.

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Vulture: The City Might Not Return for Another Season

(thanks to B-Side Blog reader Tiffany for the heads up)

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