REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NYC PHOTOCAP: The Season Ends on a Curious Note


Well, it’s over. The fourth season of The Real Housewives of New York City managed to survive the departure of Bethenny Frankel by serving us an extra helping of catty in-fighting for sixteen glorious episodes. I think just about everyone fought with everyone… except for Kelly, who emerged as the most mature and level-headed woman of the crew. How did that happen? Have we slipped into some strange gummy-bear-fueled parallel dimension? If so, how do we fix it? Clearly Santa will be of no help.

Nevertheless, this final episode centered around the one year anniversary of LuAnn and Jacques. The Countess decided to stage a festive party on a boat, which got me excited if only because we knew it would inevitably lead to her singing yet again. And I use the term “singing” loosely. The big surprise for the guests would be that the one and only Natalie Cole would be joining LuAnn on the mic. I guess the idea is that a rising tide will lift all boats, with the tide being Natalie Cole and the boats being LuAnn; although, it’ll require a tsunami to dredge up the shipwreck that is LuAnn’s singing voice. Too soon for tsunami jokes?

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