Banter with Ben and Lisa #74: All About ‘Thor’. Also, Nicolas Cage Sex Photos and Zac Efron’s Puddle Accident

This week on “Banter with Ben and Lisa,” Ben Mandelker ( and Lisa Timmons ( down everything you need to know about “Thor: The Dark World.” Even if you haven’t seen the movie or don’t plan to ever see it, hear what they have to say about all the goofy inanity of Asgard. Then it’s […]

Cool Video Explains Visual Effects in ‘Black Swan’

Behind-the-scenes stuff is always super fun when it comes to special effects, and Black Swan is no exception. Check out the above video to see how the filmmakers used CGI to help shape the movie. As Miley Cyrus would say, “that’s pretty cool.” Warning: the video contains some SPOILERS (as well as a brief retread […]

‘Black Swan’ Rocked My World

Last weekend I went to a screening of Black Swan with my dear friend Sly, and I gotta admit that I kind of loved the film. The whole movie was an amazing mess: borderline campy, intensely freaky, frequently disgusting, and 100% overwhelming. Its symbolism was obvious, and its scares sometimes manipulative, but by the end, […]