Of Tag Controversies and Chinese Walmarts

IndianJones, quietly awaiting recognition. About forty-five minutes ago, I posted an item about Chinese Walmarts that had been sent to me by my true friend Neil. No sooner had I posted it than my other friend IndianJones popped up to remind me that the link was in fact “OLD NEWS” on account of it apparently […]

QUICK HIT: Fun Finds At Chinese Walmarts!

Here’s something fun. Someone compiled a list of sixteen items that are only sold at Chinese Walmarts. Some of the choices (turtles, frogs) may leave you grossed out, but on the flip side, now you’ll have a wonderful conversation starter at the next cocktail party you attend. Thanks NEIL for the link. Buzzfeed: 16 Items […]

DEAD CELEBRITIES: Rue McClanahan Edition

They always happen in threes. First Gary Coleman, then Dennis Hopper, and now our third fateful death of the week: Rue McClanahan, who is best known for playing Blanche on The Golden Girls. The actress was 76. This is a rather sad turn of events, especially now that The Golden Girls has received a new […]