Banter with Ben and Lisa #74: All About ‘Thor’. Also, Nicolas Cage Sex Photos and Zac Efron’s Puddle Accident

This week on “Banter with Ben and Lisa,” Ben Mandelker ( and Lisa Timmons ( down everything you need to know about “Thor: The Dark World.” Even if you haven’t seen the movie or don’t plan to ever see it, hear what they have to say about all the goofy inanity of Asgard.

Then it’s on to other current events such as Nicolas Cage’s lost sex photos. ‘Nuff said. Plus, discussion of Zac Efron’s broken jaw and Mark Wahlberg’s new feud with Tom Cruise.

Along the way there’s more etiquette from “The Correct Thing in Good Society,” and Lisa reads some automatically generated status updates from Lots of fun on this one. Come listen!

BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA #72: Halloween Banter Spook-tacular! With Special Guests Ronnie Karam and Marcos Luevanos

It’s Halloween, and this week’s “Banter with Ben and Lisa” is chock full of spooky topics: Patricia Arquette, Nicolas Cage, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, and of course, Guy Fieri. And that’s just the tip.

Making things even more fun is that Lisa and Ben are joined by special guests Ronnie Karam (Watch What Crappens) and Marcos Luevanos (writer for The Game).

Listen to the foursome get drunk off wine and jump into the Banter Blender!

BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA #57: Kanye and Kim Deliver; Also, Kaycee Rice and Paula Deen

Time for another episode of Banter with Ben and Lisa! This week, Ben Mandelker ( and Lisa Timmons ( take on the spawn of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (who was still unnamed at press time). After that, the two chat about James Gandolfini’s untimely passing, controversial dance sensation Kaycee Rice, new Instagram video features, and Paula Deen’s racist ways. Along the way, there’s plenty of sidetracking about Japanese ghosts and druggie alligators, naturally. Come listen!

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