B-Side Blog Attends Nylon Young Hollywood Party, Feels Old

There’s never a dull moment in Hollywood it seems, and last night was no exception. Nylon Magazine held its annual “Young Hollywood” Party, and given that I am the paragon of the young Hollywood ideal, it seemed like the logical thing for me to attend this bash. Joining me were two of my lady lovers, Phamtastic and Ashton, and our friend Sean (not a lady lover, but a spirited gentleman nonetheless). Together the four of us proudly tromped our way through Hollywood hotspot Bardot to take in the lights, the stars, and most importantly, the free booze.

Pics after the jump…

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Inside the Nylon Magazine 12th Anniversary Party


Nylon Magazine celebrated its twelfth anniversary tonight with a big ol’ bash at Tru in Hollywood, a swanky new club that hasn’t even opened to the public. I headed on over to the event with my friend Julia (sadly, the lovely Phamtastic was out of town and couldn’t join us), and even though it was unseasonably cold out, I knew things would be ever so hot inside, mostly because Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was just two feet behind me as I walked in the door. Yes, I had hit the pop culture sweet spot with this party, and by the end of the evening I had taken photos with stars of the holy trinity of TV shows: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The City, and Gossip GirlContinue reading