BANTER #83: Talking Oscars, The Lego Movie, and Nike Bootcamp with Guest Jessica Ogilvie

This week on “Banter,” Jessica Ogilvie ( joins Ben Mandelker ( to hash out everything from The Oscars — including but not limited to Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli, Ellen Degeneres, and many more.

The two also share their rigorous experiences at Nike Training Club boot camp and opine with great warmth about “The Lego Movie.”

Things wraps up once again with further discussion of “Grand Theft Auto,” which continues to entertain immensely.

Lots of great banter. Come listen!

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BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA #80: Oscar Nominations, American Idol, and Grand Theft Auto Addiction

Today is Sade’s birthday, and what better way to celebrate than with a brand new episode of “Banter with Ben and Lisa.” This week, Ben Mandelker ( and Lisa Timmons talk about the “American Idol” premiere and its new panel of judges. Then, hot off the presses, it’s the Oscar nominations! Finally things wrap up with further discussion of Grand Theft Auto V, to which Lisa has become a recent convert. Her antics in the world of Los Santos are both deeply disturbing and utterly charming.

As usual, there’s plenty of other pop culture discussion to be had, and Ben continues to share his progress in learning the German language. Fun times all around. Come listen!

Oscar Bingo Is Here!

Photo Feb 21, 3 43 43 PM.jpg

Hey err’one. This is a random little shilling post (don’t worry, an Adventure In Domesticity is forthcoming too). I get a lot of junk sent my way, but today I actually have something amusing to share. It’s called Oscar Bingo, and it comes courtesy of Evite Postmark. Basically, you print out these cards from the Postmark blog and then hand them out to your assembled guests at whatever Oscar party you’re at. And if you’re not at a party, well, then this is very awkward. Anyway, as the red carpet events unfold, players mark off squares, with merriment and mirth to ensue. Sewwwwwww check it out, and have fun!

Also, um, sorry I only did one Downton Abbey photocap. I’m not even done with the season yet. I’m so far behind. [crawls under rock]

TCM Out-Memoriams The Academy’s In Memoriam Sequence

Every year, one of the morbid traditions of the Oscars is trying to guess who will make the Academy’s In Memoriam montage (and furthermore, who will receive the biggest amount of applause and the money-spot at the end). In recent years, the Academy has taken heat for leaving people such as Brad Renfro, Farrah Fawcett, and Corey Haim out of the mix, but I can assure you that if the people at TCM had any say, such omissions would never happen. I say this because TCM just released its very own year-end In Memoriam sequence with such an extensive list of dead celebrities, I find it hard to believe that anyone’s still alive to run this town.

Nevertheless, take a sad trip down memory lane and pay your respects to these showbiz peeps one last time (until the Golden Globes and then the Oscars).

YEA OR NAY: Eddie Murphy As Your Oscars Host


Earlier today, it was announced that Eddie Murphy will be hosting the Oscars next year, which is both exciting and confounding. After all, Eddie Murphy is known these days for being, well, kind of a downer. When was the last time we saw him being funny? Don’t you dare say Norbit.

Nevertheless, while the comedian may have made a second career out of appearing in forgettable family films, it’s impossible to deny the firebrand he used to be. I have my fingers crossed that this could be one of the most electric Oscars in a few years (heck, anything could improve upon this year’s Anne Hathaway/James Franco dud). Do we think Eddie Murphy will rise to the challenge? Or will this be a colossal FAIL?

Color me enthsued.

Rachel Zoe Gives B-Side Blog Exclusive Story Behind Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Looks


Last night’s telecast of the Oscars was one of the dullest in years, thanks in part to lackluster nominations, predictable wins, and lame comedy bits. Just about the only thing noteworthy was hostess Anne Hathaway’s perpetually changing wardrobe, which consisted of eight looks overall. I couldn’t help think about the toll this must have put on celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, who manages to suffer a near aneurysm every year when she needs to dress Annie in one dress, let alone eight.

Luckily, the harried stylist was able to take some time out of her busy schedule to talk about each of Anne Hathaway’s ensembles. Exclusive commentary after the jump… Continue reading

AND WHATNOT: How To Crash Fashion Week; Also, Chunky Shia LaBeouf, Bieber-Related Injury, and Mars!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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