After the craziness of last week’s Jersey Shore, this latest episode was tame in comparison. Nothing really happened, and what did happen involved people crying in self-pity. I swear the entire episode could have been scored with a wallowing violin. In some ways I enjoyed all the teary madness, mainly because the producers clearly were […]


Things got a bit intense on the latest Jersey Shore. This wasn’t just the usual yammering from Ronnie and Sammi. Their fighting actually escalated to a disturbing level — one that teetered on and perhaps crossed the line into abusiveness. Viewers of the show have long since believed the Rammi to be an emotionally abusive […]


I was traveling last week; so I haven’t recapped the previous two episodes of Jersey Shore, but fear not — I’m taking care of both right here. After all, it’s not like we need two individual entries to describe what was basically the same activity over and over again. I of course am referring to […]


Coming off last Monday’s wonderfully goofy Jersey Shore that featured Snooki face planting into the sands of Seaside Heights, it was inevitable that we’d be due for a less interesting follow-up episode. Indeed, Thursday’s latest installment was a touch forgettable, even if it was still immensely entertaining. The action began with Snooki locked up in […]

JERSEY SHORE PHOTOCAP: In Search of a Mind Condom (Ribbed, For Our Pleasure)

I am so FRIGGIN behind on my Jersey Shore photocaps that I decided to just scrap the first two and start with coverage of last night’s third episode (or rather, the sixteenth episode of season two, which we’re still in). In case you haven’t been following, the gang has relocated back to Seaside Heights, and […]

Ep. 13: Banter With Ben and Lisa

We’re baaaaaack. After a two month hiatus, Lisa and I have convened once again to podcast, and this time around, the fun took place in my kitchen. Yes, while I made a dish for a dinner party, Lisa and I bantered away, discussing everything from vampires to zombies to Jersey Shore to German vocab. We’re […]

JERSEY SHORE PHOTOCAP: Miami Just Got 12.5% Less Awful

Ding dong the bitch is dead! Or at least headed back to Staten Island. That’s right, Angelina finally packed her bags and marched out of the crab-den that is the Jersey Shore South Beach home (oh sorry, spoiler alert), thus allowing us to have perhaps a few episodes of peace and quiet before this Florida […]

JERSEY SHORE PHOTOCAP: Fight Night In Miami (a.k.a. The Episode I Made My Mom Watch)

The latest episode of Jersey Shore was surprisingly sweet and poignant — as much as the show can be — with Vinny falling in love with an unattainable club dancer named Ramona, but alas, MTV hasn’t posted photos of that episode; so I’ll dig back a show earlier to last Thursday which saw perhaps the […]

JERSEY SHORE PHOTOCAP: Letter Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

At long last, the much hyped, ill-advised, totally inflammatory LETTER was delivered on this week’s episode of Jersey Shore., and as expected, it made waves. If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, let me fill you in: resident ‘roid abuser / Lollipop Guild member Ronnie has been fooling around with girls at […]

Meet The New Cast Member of ‘Jersey Shore’

It’s official: MTV has replaced Angelina on Jersey Shore, and while that news broke a few weeks ago, we finally now have video of the new girl, Deena Nicole Cortese. First impressions: the girl makes pumpkins look like snowballs (too forced?). She’s about as orange as a human can get — and then some. Nevertheless, […]